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Food Crisis Across the Globe

Food insecurity is the major catastrophe world is been through in the few years with more than 200 million people experiencing detrimental impacts in the form of starvation and malnourishment. The significant factors according to UNEP, WFP, UN, FAO, etc. the major bodies working for the food sector regularity that are involved in this havoc are notably the diversion of foodgrains in order to obtain biofuel, dietary shifts due to lifestyle changes in emerging areas, sharp spike in the prices of crude oil, neglect of updated agricultural policies, and adverse climate change patterns. UNEP’s new rapid response assessment report about the environmental food crisis has warned the food sector that food production may face a major threat of mass famine by 2050 and can skyrocket food prices due to limited food production. The factors that are involved in the decline of food production are population growth, enough meat consumption, climate change patterns, changes in biofuel policies, water stress, and land degradation. Besides, poor investments in the agricultural field, full dependence on trade, no accessibility of farmers to the food market and updated policies, and lack of resources contributed to the key factors that are the causes of food sector degradation. United Nations in the mid of 2021 has presented the real crunch that is the reason for malnourishment in the majority of the United States is the changing dietary preferences in the emerging areas of the world and the United States in particular.

People living in poor segments of the world do not have access to healthy food and therefore people are suffering from chronic diseases such as high levels of obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and in some cases malnourishment due to over-eating processed food. In a nutshell, what the major organizational bodies have forecasted about the degradation of the providence of food to the world’s population, the havoc of food crisis can be overcome if the local governments along with members of NGOs working to cope with the food crisis effectively take initiatives to feed the world hunger. Countries around the world if they want to increase the stability of the food sector should focus on the willingness of farmers as well as investments should be done in the area of agriculture and trade globally to get a better food system.



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