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Fashion is a Practice That Individuals Use to Express Identity

Contrary to popular belief, the term fashion is more than just clothes on models during fashion shows or clothes suspended on racks in stores and boutiques. Fashion is a cultural zeitgeist that can range from tangible items to intangible one’s such behaviour, lifestyle mannerism. Bennet (2005) claims that fashion is among the most effective visual key resources individuals use to express identity. Furthermore, fashion symbolizes personalized identity and individualism as well as various distinguished collective identities all across the globe. Identity is associated with a broad scope of aspects such as gender, sexuality, class, nationality, ethnicity and subcultures amongst others. Craik (1993, p. 2) explains that “we clothe the body as an active processor technical means of constructing and presenting a bodily self.” Therefore, a quintessential way to convey identity is to clothes the body with permanence; such as tattoos. This symbolic practice can fall under the category of structure vs. agency. People who conform to a specific society and are influenced by a subcultural movement are people who follow a certain “structure”. On the other hand, an “agency” or non-conformists are rebels who are the minority that question norms and values and refuse and resist to participate in conventional practices. This essay examines how tattoos are a prevalent method or fashion of self-expression focusing on the correlation between tattoos and identity as subcultures.

Subcultures comprise of people opposing certain esteems and desire set upon by standard society. This protection might be obvious through their dress, characteristics, music decision, recreational exercises, and so on. In view of their resistance to the standard, society fears these minority gatherings (James, n.d.). Thusly, these gatherings are looked down on by the lion’s share and held to the edges. In the meantime, be that as it may, subcultural bunches play some happiness in their parts as outcasts or they would not disengage themselves through their mould decisions, music tastes, and so on. In spite of this dread and evading of subcultural gatherings, society is motivated by their innovative styles.

Being originated thousands of years before borders separated nations, tattoos have been around long before identities existed. Throughout the years, tattoos evolved to provide a sense of belonging or identification and/or individuality to a tribe, movement or subculture. Apart from subculture, other forms of identity such as lifestyle and taste may be referred to upon the discussion of being tattooed as it is often viewed as a type of art. Bricolage is the result of combining multiple aspects that contribute to the final making of a visual piece. The bricolage of tattoos can be seen on leg or arm “sleeves” and even “bodysuits” which are the tattoo-terms for being covered in tattoos in either specific parts of the body or the whole body. This allows the introduction of how different subcultures follow a respective fashion and lifestyle for being tattoos. At this point in time, most rappers or hip-hop artists are seen soaked in tats. Such artists such as Migos, Travis Scott, Lil’ Wayne are major influences on the popular culture which plays part in the ideology of structure mentioned previously.

Most famous people love tattoos. They have some extremely lovely and astonishing tattoos inked on their bodies. The big name vocalists typically have a bigger number of tattoos than the performers or on-screen characters in the Hollywood. It is reasonable that individuals who act in motion pictures or TV demonstrates can’t generally have tattoos like the rappers. When we discuss rappers who have tattoos, we have to discuss Lil Wayne. On the off chance that you at any point saw a shirtless picture of Lil Wayne, you would see only tattoos on his body. We question even Lil Wayne knows what number of tattoos are there on his body! Here are Lil Wayne Tattoos and their implications.

Nothing says “threatening” like some individual with the expression of The Lord inked on his back in solidly capable lettering. It symbolizes some individual who’s not hesitant to kick the bucket. Be that as it may, in Lil Wayne’s case it likely additionally symbolizes some person who’s not reluctant to live.

Here and there the most straightforward proclamations talk the loudest. One can just envision what sort of ghastliness in Lil Wayne’s life more likely than not enlivened this tattoo. Yet, it was most likely something that influenced him to understand that life was too short to stress over satisfying everyone. Particularly the individuals who don’t care for tattoos.

Lil Wayne has an inward lip tattoo as well. “The Carter” star inked a little smiley look within part of his lower lip. He recovered the tattoo at some point when inward lip tattoos were a prominent mould incline. Goodness yes, nobody can see such tattoos unless the wearer drive opens their lips to demonstrate the ink to individuals. Clearly, Lil Wayne needed to put a comparative push to demonstrate his tattoo to the world! An internal lip tattoo means nothing (Angel, 2013). Nonetheless, it frequently recommends that one has come up short on body space to house more tattoos! In any case, it’s not as peculiar or appalling as an eyeball tattoo.

In the event that he leaves his chains at home the day you meet Migos, you can likewise reveal to Quavo separated by his facial tattoos. The youthful star has two unmistakable tattoos, one over every one of his eyebrows. Over one eyebrow is “Y.R.N.,” assuringly remaining for Young Rich Nation (or Young Rich Ni– as, the name of a Migos mixtape); over the other temples is a dark crown.

Punk Tattoos:

The punk culture prospered in the 1970s in the United States of America and in Britain. This culture depends on non-acclimate appearance from the perspective of garments, haircut, gems, and in addition tattoos.
Punks have made their own little universe, where they take after their own particular principles. In the meantime, they are not stressed over what other ordinary individuals opine about them. It is exceptionally normal for ordinary people to call punks egotistical, idiotic, or even loathe them. Be that as it may, comprehend that they are not narrow-minded or morons, but rather they are individuals who don’t take after a typical arrangement of tenets, as they don’t put stock in them. Same is the situation with punk tattoos also. The most well-known element of these tattoos is that they are basically obvious tattoos. They can be made on their appearances or on the head.

The most well-known sort of tattoos you will go over are the punk shake horse tattoos, punk knuckle tattoos, punk cupcake tattoos, punk rocker plot tattoos, punk rocker skull tattoos, punk star tattoos, and so on. Lettering tattoos are additionally exceptionally well known (Jones, 2013). Frequently the word ‘punk’ can likewise be seen ink. Knuckles are the most loved region of this tattoo.
Despite the fact that punks lean toward their tattoos to be on the more noticeable territories of the body, the feet, wrist, fingers, neck, bring down back, chest, his hands, arms, and so forth., are other well-known regions for a tattoo. You may regularly go over a punk tattoo sleeve made with a mix of various tattoo plans.
You will need to search for a picture, which summons insubordination, turmoil, social disturb, or frightfulness. You should explore the picture, for the world to see and remember it. In the meantime, the arrangement of the tattoo will have a vital part to play. You should put it in a region where it will be noticeable for individuals to see it,

Metalheads Tattoos:

Tattoos certainly assume an enormous part of the metal group. It’s uncommon to run over a metalhead that doesn’t have who knows what cut gladly into their skin.

In spite of the fact that tattoos are pretty standard now, they absolutely weren’t generally, and the work of art came well with the defiant and “flippant” state of mind of the metal group. Indeed, even now, staunchly-postured band photographs of intensely inked performers are the standard for collection workmanship, and you’ll regularly meet kindred music sweethearts at the tattoo parlour.

Tattoos – and the way toward inking – mean diverse things to various individuals. For a few people, their outlines are profoundly individual – commemorations to dead friends and family, images of adoration or companionship, otherworldly sigils and markers of vital occasions throughout everyday life (Saad, 2012). Others get a kick out of the chance to pick tattoos to respect specialists who are powerful to them – a raven roused by Edgar Allen Poe, or the craftsmanship from an Iron Maiden collection. Others simply jump at the chance to pick plans that look cool. All reasons are similarly substantial.

Substantial metal is one of the minima comprehended subcultures in the whole world. The vast majority imagine that metalheads are boneheads and castoffs who have nothing preferable to do over blast their heads and murder their mind cells. In light of this antagonistic meaning, numerous metalheads grasp these qualities and endeavour to frighten away and threaten individuals who don’t completely value the way of life or their tattoo thoughts.

Where it counts, however, most metalheads are just geeks who appreciate specialized music played at high volume. A ton of metalheads likewise has full-sleeve arm tattoos that they cover up under their shirts when they go into their employees working in technical support, bookkeeping and organic chemistry.

Meaning is an imperative one to social examinations in so far as the idea of culture depends on the thoughts of ‘maps of signifying’ and shared or challenged meaning. Undoubtedly, social examinations’ specific interpretation of the idea of culture has focused on the crossing point of energy and importance (Johnson, n.d.). Consequently, key thoughts, for example, belief system, authority and talk rely upon some idea of significance.

The wellspring of the issue lies in the understood supposition that words determine significance by reference to things in a free question world. That is, the significance of the word seat gets from a question that contains the quintessence of seat or that the word love alludes to an identifiable quality that is fundamental love or that significance is a thing that is spoken to by the sign ‘significance’. Logically, this type of clarification is known as nomenclatures whose fundamental thought is that the importance of a name is the question that it remains for.
The issues start with importance when one asks the self-evident question, what does importance mean? Or then again, to put it another way, where does meaning dwell? For a few purposes, a basic regular dialect utilizes answer will be adequate.

That is, which means lies in the states of mind, convictions, purposes, legitimizations and reasons sent by individuals in everyday life. Significance demonstrates that something matters to us; thus meaning is to do with essentialness. All things considered, which means directs our activities or all the more regularly is a post hoc clarification and support for them. Be that as it may, this style of answer may not fulfill a more philosophical type of request since all the pivotal ideas being sent in such a clarification – mentality, conviction, reason, and so forth – are liable to deconstruction by making the inquiry, what does conviction, mentality, reason and so on mean?

Fig. 1 Tube Observations by me (2018)

Fig. 2 REBEL: A person who questions the norm and never settles for the established way of doing things. What makes you a Rebel? (2017)


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