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Factors Affecting Utility Test Essay

As research indicates, assessment testing begins with referral for assessment. Such can be done from schools by a teacher, counselor, human resource personnel, amongst others. Some of the standard practices that follow include selection, placement, promotion and career training and enhancements. With preference, a person deemed for an employment position might be accepted or rejected. On the other hand, placement involves categories chosen as per criterions. Below is an explanation of the measures and tools used in the mentioned processes.

Different tools facilitate aptitude testing. The government of the United States of America, for instance, uses a method called the General aptitude test battery (GATB). This mechanism is used in schools, by state employment services amongst others. The tool is used to determine abilities for occupations and anyone who has attained the working age can be tested. One of the fundamental advantages of this mechanism is that it measures personality and its role and efficiency towards a career choice. Therefore, everyone obtains a job that fits his personality (Cohen et al., 1996). However, some argue that this process can be corrupted by adjusting results of the test taker.

On the other hand, when determining the personality of a person, an integrity test is used as a tool for facilitating the same. The integrity test identifies and predicts theft attributes of an employee, honesty, and adherence of the employee to organizational procedures. It is a beneficial tool as it enables screening of new employees while ensuring that employees of the organization remain honest. The disadvantage of this process is that it surpasses privacy of an individual.

Lastly, when measuring interest in this perspective, several procedures are followed, to determine whether employers and employees are tailored towards meeting the expected job interests. Through such, activities such as likes, dislikes and leisure activities are determined. One of the tools for facilitating this is the Strong interest inventory.

Factors of Utility and Utility Analysis

Psychometric soundness is one of the elements of utility testing. It merely refers to the reliability and validity of a given test. Other factors include costs and benefits. With the aspect of value, variables such as the disadvantages, losses, and expenses are determined.

Determining Whether the Tests Are Adequate

For the tests described above to be deemed competent and adequate, they have to meet the set goals and objectives. A unique criterion is used for the determination of this. For instance, they have to offer satisfaction for each process, hence solving the problem at hand.

How Computerized Assessment Could Be Incorporated.

With numerous technological innovations experienced, computer applications that facilitate assessment are available. As research provides, they are capable, accurate and unlike the manual assessment tools available, results are outputted quickly. Therefore, their incorporation in this assessment makes the whole process easy.


Cohen, R. J., Swerdlik, M. E., & Phillips, S. M. (1996). Psychological testing and assessment: An introduction to tests and measurement. Mayfield Publishing Co.



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