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Face to Face Relationships Essay


In the modern arena, with the growing number of modern means of communication, face to face relationship and talks are changing and suffering from a number of problems. Social media and digital mean of communication are becoming an important part of our day to day lives. Today most of us feel more connected with our social media friends rather than with our families and real life friends. Admittedly, social media and other means of digital communication has imparted positive impacts on our lives but it made us forget the personal visits, the random phone calls of our friends. It created a gap between our relationships that usually get highlighted and prominent during the meetings and face to face communications. Things need to be settle down in a proper manner. Otherwise the weakening family institution and social system of system will eventually get demolished.

Problems in Face to Face Relationships

No time for each other

One of the biggest problem is the unavailability of time for each other. Today we are so busy in our lives and with modern means of enjoyment that we no longer seek joy in real life relationships. Long working hours, luxury enjoyments and fast lives are cause of no itme for each other. Lack of time weakens the relationships and causes difficulty for those who meet fter so long. Most couples will confront the issue of absence of time organizing each other sooner or later. It might be because of childrearing and the time far from you both that bringing up children can take, or it might be workload, work movements, travel or other individual and family issues. It might even be a sickness that strikes you or your family. Whatever the reason, the approach as a couple is the same: regroup and organize each other as your main accomplice. Without influencing your accomplice to feel like you are their essential partner throughout everyday life, in great and awful circumstances, and them doing likewise for you, it’s anything but difficult to feel alone. Furthermore, disdain can work, as can outrage and after that interruption to your home life, for everybody.

Financial Issues

Another thing that causes difficulty and raises problem in face to face relationship is the financial aspect. It effects mostly the couples. Money is one of the primary subjects of couples quarrel over and it likewise specifically influences how individuals see bliss, stress, and personal satisfaction. How you each approach sparing and burning through cash will straightforwardly affect how you carry on with your coexistence in your relationship. Be in agreement with your monetary objectives and your esteems about how best to spend and spare cash from the beginning of your relationship to keep away from the pit numerous couples fall into, conflicting consistently finished cash spent. What’s more, in the event that you haven’t concurred before now, don’t squander another minute. Take a seat and choose together how you share cash, what you concur you ought to counsel each other on before burning through cash on and what your mutual objectives are for putting something aside for what’s to come.

Family issues

Family issues also play a negative role in deteriorating face to face relationships. The quarrels, negative environment, not understanding each other needs harms the face to face communication and daily living. Such people also suffer when it comes to communication at work place or school, colleges and institution. It also results in lack of confidence.

Extravagant use of Social Media:

The extravagant use of social media is making us poor communicated at table. This reflects in our daily life behavior. People seems to be more comfortable on the digital media for the communication purpose than in the real time.

Solution for helping face to face relationships.

Communication : The biggest thing that can help face to face relationship is constant communication. Despite the hurdles, one should keep on trying. Communication gap can be decreases by less use of technology and by spending more time with each other.

Moderation in living standards: People should opt a modern life style rather than a luxurious life style. Money and earning money should not be the prime focus of life. Life should not revolve around maintaining status. It should revolve around maintaining relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Moderation in the living standards will help in overcoming the problems we encounter in face to face relationships.

Respect the differences : When you attempt of really observing the other individual and when you indicate them through your appearances that you are tuning in and you think about what they are stating, you will demonstrate the other that you esteem them. You will influence them to feel that what they are stating is vital and heard and ensure that they are tuning in to you as well. For instance, on the off chance that you go to meet with a customer, you are demonstrating to them that they are justified regardless of the time, exertion, and cash. You will ensure that they will hear your message and that you will have their entire consideration.

Communication practices in Skill : Communication skills should be a mandatory course in schools and colleges. Students should be taught that communication is vital not only for their social life but it will also help them outshine in their professional lives. Normally, you wish for your staff to be proactive individuals who can utilize their drive to tackle issues. In a perfect world, the majority of your associates would impart well constantly, without false impressions or struggle.

Tragically, even correspondence preparing wouldn’t ensure that this will be the situation constantly, however it can enable you to significantly enhance how your staff to interface with each other. Having the capacity to convey messages plainly and comprehend other individuals implies work can be finished all the more successfully and to the advantage of the organization all in all.

Balance usage of Social Media Sites : The usage of social media sites should be reduced. The extravagant usage of social media has harmed our relationships. No doubt the digital communication has widely increased over the period of time, especially among youngsters. This leads to less connection in daily lives.

These friendships on social media is deteriorating their daily life. Concentrates lately have demonstrated that their absence of social aptitudes just winds up being an endless loop of youngsters that continue falling behind their companions when alternate children in their age assemble are not utilizing online networking, and the web all in all, almost as much as them. The children in these examinations appear to experience difficulty having as much feeling joined to trades face to face regardless of them having the capacity to hold discussions on the web. They can never completely be contributed with each other and that is the place the issue really lies.

Chandra Johnson relates it to the demonstration of a tyke investigating the world with their own particular eyes, contrasted with taking a gander at similar things in pictures. The two can never be paralleled, much the same as these online associations as opposed to meeting individuals face to face and framing connections that way. Johnson likewise contends that these kids have additionally demonstrated marked of without the capacity to appropriately manage spooks.

They do not have the experience important to legitimately adapt to what is going on to them and close down as opposed to confronting their issues therefore. Their absence of capacity to manage circumstances that are upsetting face to face has driven this age and more than likely, who and what is to come, to have less companions that they are as near as the ones that we have face to face in connection to the past ages. Future ages can never again keep up a similar level of companions that different ages have possessed the capacity to previously.

This is a consistent subject that has an immediate relationship with the utilization of online networking. An expansion in a tyke’s utilization of web-based social networking has demonstrated a corresponding increment in a youngster without the capacity to work steadily among his or her companions. When they can never again work inside these gatherings, they are not going to grow appropriately and when they in the long run join the workforce, these issues might be more common and will turn into an expanding issue.

Moderation in personality and attitudes : Ego should not outreach the respect for relationship. One should be moderate and humble in face to face relationship. This all depends upon the nourishment that parents give to their children.
When it comes to the solutions the most favorable one seems to be the saving time and spending more and more time with each other. Because the more people and friends spend time with each other, lesser the problems will be.

Conclusion: Summing up all the arguments, it can be said that face to face relationships are way important that other modes of communication. They can bring a very positive change in our social and family lives. Ignoring then or not talking about the problems will merely aggravate the situation. It is better to move towards the amelioration of situations before its too late. Constant communication and a balance usage of social media will help in this regard. Moderate life style should be opted in order to save time for favorite acquaintances and family. This will help in improving the face to face relationships. Good face to face relationships will not only effect the social life but also impart good effects on professional and educational life.



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