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evaluating The Hero’s Journey in Star Wars and Harry Potter


Fairy tales are known as the ancient concept that prevails in society. People belong to any society that is closely connected with different fairy tales. Undoubtedly, fairy tales represent the specific thoughts and concepts related to the specific region about the existence of the fairies. All the fairy tales come up with the consideration that the idea of fairies and supernatural objects cannot be ignored. It is notable that today’s world has come up with the importance of the modern fairy tale. Modern fairy tales can be explained as the extended form of traditional fairy tales as it has some features similar to the old form of fairy tales. There is one argument related to the particular facets of Star Wars and Harry Potter. There is a different influential literary researcher who discusses this particular argument in a detailed manner. Berger, Dickerson O’ O’Hara, and Deyneka can characterize some of the crucial names that play a vital role in understanding the prospect of Star Wars and Harry Potter as modern fairy tales. Here, the particular focus is to determine the tales of Star Wars and Harry Potter as modern fairy tales with the consideration of the common beats of their heroes.


Star Wars and Harry Potter are two well-known examples of popular fiction. Kids and adults are immensely fond of both the stories of Star Wars and Harry Potter. Undoubtedly, people have an immense level of craze about the different series of both these fiction works. It is notable to mention that both Star Wars and Harry Potter somewhat share the same plot as the tales consider prevailing factors of goodness and evil in the universe. It can be an effective feature to assess both these stories as modern fairy tales. Star Wars can be characterized as an example of fiction, which is mostly examined as a sample of science fiction. It is crucial to understand that Star Wars has an adequate approach to both the paradigms of fairy tales and the genre of science fiction. The features of the fairy tale can be effectively recognized through the help of the heroes. The feature of heroes can be identified in the two forms of victim and seeker heroes (Berger, 15). Referring to Star Wars, the aspect of the seeker hero is crucial who takes the responsibility to fulfill different tasks for the betterment of the galaxy.

Harry Potter is a good example of the contemporary form of mythology. The aspect of fantasy is successfully apprehended with the help of the hero’s journey to the facet of the right path. The element of magic is effectively utilized in Harry Potter to address the paradigm of the hero’s power. The overall journey of the Hero can be discovered with the different elements of fantasy that exist in this particular form of fiction. Different features of fantasy in the form of different magical objects play a crucial role in the overall Hero’s journey in Harry Potter. There is an effective approach to myth that is successfully used in the story of Harry Potter.

It is notable that Hero’s journey in both the stories of Star Wars and Harry Potter have some similarities. Both come up with the consideration of using different powers to gain the features of goodness and overcome the facet of evilness. Hero’s journey in Star Wars successfully depicts the theme of hope to defeat evil from the universe. The particular theme adopted by the Hero in Star Wars can be characterized as the one fairy tale that characterizes it as the modern form of a fairy tale. The character of Luke Skywalker can be considered as the Hero’s journey who adopts the specific theme of new hope. He chooses the specific journey to explore the facet of hope which appears after many hardships. The hero in the story of Star Wars led himself with a specific theme, which is one crucial aspect of considering Star Wars as the modern form of a fairy tale. On the other hand, Harry Potter is another great example of Hero’s journey. Harry was also going through different forms of hardships in his journey. He also led his journey to achieve the facet of truthfulness and defeat the feature of evilness. The particular element of the wand plays a crucial role in the overall journey of Harry in the story of Harry Potter. The aspect of fantasy related to the wand is the one effective example to consider it as the form of a modern fairy tale. Different factors of fantasy in the story explain the features of good and evil to the story’s hero character and help him lead himself to the right path through his wisdom (Dickerson and O’Hara, 227).

The effective connection between the forms of fairy tales and reality is another interesting thing that can be considered in the case of Harry Potter and Star Wars. The particular pattern of Harry Potter stories appears with different appealing features which help to understand the paradigms of good and evil. The particular aspect of moral consideration can be effectively learned through the particular dimension of Harry Potter. By considering this particular feature, Rowling proposes the arrangement of the classic fairy tale, which becomes an interesting form for the readers to understand. The feature of the fairy tale in the case of Star Wars and Harry Potter can be characterized as the interesting process that leads readers to an imaginative and amusing world which have no connection with reality. Once the reader is immensely involved in the fairy tale world, then, it becomes easy for the hero of the story to propose the basic theme of the story.


The specific heroic characters are closely related to the specific form of a mythological journey. It appears as the form of destiny in the case of a hero by conveying the particular spiritual approach particularly relevant to the unknown zone (Deyneka, 32). To conclude this, it is crucial to mention that the specific heroic feature identified in the case of Star Wars and Harry Potter is closely related to the modern paradigm of the fantasy world. This particular prospect can be considered, which comes up with the specific theme of good and evil prevails in the universe in different forms.

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