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Ethical Debate On Abortion, Suicide And Transgender

The ethical debate can be defined as a state or problem that involves an individual or organization deciding between substitutes that must be measured as wrong or right. In our social order, we are confronted with various dilemmas that are practically difficult to solve. Abortion is one of the challenging and difficult issues. This ethical issue of abortion involves a continuous fight between life and freedom. Pro-choice persons think it immoral to carry off a female ‘right and decide on their behalf. In contrast, pro-life persons believe it unethical to murder a growing life. Women have the freedom to choose between these alternatives. If she does not desire to have a child due to some issues, then she has the power to take a decision on this1. Having a child against her will is not only bad for herself but also bad for her baby.

I personally think the woman may take this decision since she has no time to raise a child, she has no emotional support, or she is not prepared for it. It is not necessary for a woman to be a selfish person to terminate the pregnancy. In addition, the female must have the right to decide on abortion. In this case of abortion, a woman may have enough time to take care of a child or not be ready to take this responsibility. Maybe she is too busy with her school and does not have enough time to take care of her. Because the child also demands more attention and extra care from the side of the mother. There is another case when young girls become pregnant regardless of safe sex. They must be careful doing this act if they have already felt unhappy to have a child. The number of cases of abortion will be decreased if females do this act cautiously.

Another ethical issue is suicide. There are two schools of thought regarding this issue. One supports this by saying that if a person wants to end his life, he cannot face more pain. It can be justified someone decides to attempt suicide because he is dying from a fatal illness and does not want to live in life-threatening pain. Then, it will be ethical and merciful to do medically aided suicide. Other people think most military personnel commit this act to protect and defend their own country. Another view is that people who are unable to share their feelings and emotions with their loved ones cannot express their sentiments. These types of people act like this to overcome failure and anger2. Maybe this frustration and stress are due to a lack of resources that impel a person to commit suicide.

Personally, I think most people go through severe circumstances and confront critical situations. It would be unethical to terminate life in this manner just to get rid of problems. And it is not the right of any person to terminate their life just because he wants to escape from the troubles of life. He cannot survive with it anymore. Another situation is when someone is sick to the level where he cannot cope with the pain. And there is no other way to fix the pain. Then, he can justify this attempt of suicide, and it is not wrong. On the other hand, it is not justified to end a gift of life just because of certain problems instead of dealing with them. A person can make better use of their lives for a better cause or purpose instead of terminating their lives. A person may dedicate his life to please someone who is also suffering from critical circumstances. A person can resolve this issue by getting involved in other pleasing activities that will provide a pleasant experience to live.

Transgender is another influential ethical issue, and a different name is assigned to them to characterize their identities as Tran’s woman or Tran’s man. One view supports this by saying these persons are born with it, and there is a need to create awareness for advanced development of cognitive. Others say it is not necessary that this genetic factor is not present at birth. The major issue that transgender people face regarding identity. This is still confusion about transgender because of genes, environment and hormones factor. Most of the young people who face gender dysphoria do not prefer to become transgender. Meanwhile, it is a matter of choice to realize gender identity3. Most of the transgender does not want to recognize as Transwoman. There may be a possibility of social stress that is experienced due to binary gender. Transgender is facing pressure from the side of society. They confront the issue in public by just looking at the doors of the bathroom that are for males or females. They have no separate or distinctive place in our region. People consider them unique creatures.

I personally believe transgender are part of our society, and the main issue is their identity. They must enjoy all elements of life as a normal human person enjoys. People must support them instead of judging and criticizing them. In public forums, this issue must be promoted, especially regarding concerns about gender identity. They should have the right to be a member of society to work, love, play, learn and form lives linked to a public setting as well as in the workplace. Significant laws and procedures should be made regarding this critical issue. Transgender regardless of all issues, deserve respect and esteem like other people living in our region. As a member of society, transgender also deserve to enjoy all aspects of life as other humans.

End Notes

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