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essential deployment of Rhetoric Devices For authors and speakers

Rhetoric devices as used in rhetoric are defined as language resources that are of essential use to authors and speakers who aim to convey their messages to the audience while persuading them to view a particular concept or issue from a certain perspective. To help them achieve this both authors and speakers appeal to the audience’s emotions by using phrases and sentences that provoke the desired emotional response. Rhetoric devices could be used for argumentation, manipulation, and even persuasion by the audience to either accept the author’s speaker’s ideas or think from a particular perspective.  Most political leaders and media people are used to manipulating and persuading their subjects using rhetorical devices.

During the EpiPen scandal, ranking personalities, leaders, and even the media used rhetoric styles widely to provoke peoples’ emotions, manipulate them and persuade them that the situation was not as presented. Some argue that the prices of life-saving allergy treatment drugs have skyrocketed, and the state leadership should put a ceiling on the prices of essential commodities and leave only luxuries in the hands of market forces. All the leaders and even close relatives to the CEO of this company handling EpiPen dissociated themselves from the malicious claims that the inflated prices were a scandal and they all seemed to appeal to the public to be patient with the company and wait for a logical explanation of how the new prices were achieved.

Though everyone seems to disagree with the prices that are entirely unreasonable, they do not side with the ordinary citizens in blindly condemning the company and its leadership; instead, they persuade the public to seek a more amicable way to respond to the issue. The manager at the EpiPen-producing Company is the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin, who has served as a leader in different positions for almost a decade. While responding to the scandal claims, the Senator argues that he is also upset by the inflated prices of prescription drugs and suggests that her daughter would give a more detailed response on how the rates were achieved. While disagreeing with the new costs, promising reduction, and improved health services, the leader does not openly shame her daughter but appeals to the public’s reasoning that the issue would be determined and solved. The scandal could be publicly seen, but he argues and manipulates the people to think it was a small issue that could be sprouting from some anomaly. He holds the same views, responses, and solutions as many other leaders who are not even related to the company’s management under scrutiny.

However, other leaders who were politically opposed to the Senator and the whole company for one reason or another openly contradicted their sentiments and manipulated the public to paint them as dark. This is all for the political gain they argue that the company is indulging in scandals since they think some senior politicians cover them. The argument is not based on the truth but on who wins the hearts of the common citizens.

Officers holding public offices mostly want to comment on the issue and cause undue public-relations pressure on the company while others just remain silent to avoid becoming vague politically or siding with the losing side. The leaders want what is best for their subjects but use different approaches. Some persuade their followers to believe that they are being exploited while others urge them to bear with the situation, hoping that things will change for the better.

To conclude, it is true that the Senator would find it not appealing to annoy her daughter. Conversely, he would disgrace the general public if the individual opts to side with the company. To be in a safe spot, the Senator uses stereotypes to claim that the people deserve lower product prices. This is evidenced by his comments where the person claims to be upset by the high prices imposed by the company on the price of products, regardless of the company offering quality products that help a wide range of populations. It is unethical for the company to induce high prices; taking advantage of the product’s popularity to exploit buyers. Nevertheless,  the individual defends his daughter’s premises by arguing in favour of EPipen Company. The individual is depicted admitting to the increased prices as others take the issue. However, instead of fighting the institution,  the Senator claims that the price increase might have resulted from a mistake inside the organization. The people’s view is backed up, but the comments defend the company. Winning the hearts of the population is the main goal of using rhetoric. A situation in which the comments from the perpetrators seem to have a better understanding. The company is protected while the customers will tend to have found a solution.



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