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Essential Beliefs in Christianity

The cult of Christianity refers to the doctrines that make up an individual Christian’s belief and characterize his essential belief into a separate doctrine of Christianity from all the Christians out there in the world. The Bible, the word from God himself reveals itself the core doctrines that are essential to make an individual’s belief in the way to become a Christian. An inquisitive Christian who thinks much about the origin, religion, and worldview might think about what are the core beliefs that are necessary to be followed and how he/she as a firm believer of Christ can hold on to them in order to be called a Christian. (Godawa, 2009) This brief essay provides a primer insight into the essential beliefs of Christianity that Bible dictates itself for the Christians to adhere to.

Here is to delve into the brief details of each of the essential doctrines necessary for a Christian and how he/she can rightly be called a Christian abiding by them.

God is All-Powerful

According to the Word of God, Bible, Christianity professes the figure of God as an omnipotent, eternal, and intelligent being who is the same today, yesterday, and forever in the world. Christian theology believes that God is all-powerful energy that exists in this universe before anything could exist. It is to be believed in Christianity that all forms of energy in this universe come from him and not a bit of it could be generated by itself. (Godawa, 2009) According to Bible, Christianity when delves into deep thinking regarding the mysteries of this universe and how every element of this world has been designed, finds out that this all is because of the planning of some intelligent being. That intelligence, Bible professes, is of God. He has built this Earth, made humans its inhabitants, created other worlds which are still hidden, stretched over the earth’s vast skies like a curtain, and oceans like blankets. The challenge for a Christian in today’s world is to understand the existence of God without questioning and recognize God’s wondrous majesty by following the rules God has set for the followers of Christ. In chapter no 6, “Other Worldviews” Godawa relates Christianity and worldview as he states that in Christianity, the worldview about God determines the worldview of the Christian world. (Godawa, 2009)

Jesus Christ is Divine as well as a Human

In chapter 2 “Christianity” Myers and Noebel state that the knowledge and pieces of information about the life of Jesus as God’s son and his ministry are deduced from Christian scriptures regarding his disciples’ essential faith in the message of Jesus’ ministry and the letters of Apostle Paul about how Jesus spread the message. The claim of the Christian world about a monotheistic God is distinct and unique in a way as Christianity regards Jesus as a son of God in the early scriptures but the development of Christian beliefs regards him as divine as well as human. It is viewed that no consensus during and after the life of Jesus could prove whether Jesus was a prophet, a teacher, or just a son of God. (Myers, 2015)

The Concept of Trinity

The disciples of Jesus in post-Christ communities referred to him as Messiah and later they considered the concept of the trinity that the monotheistic God according to Hebrew Scriptures is in a triune form; God himself, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. (Godawa, 2009) The Bible states “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith” (English Standard Version Bible, Ephesians, 2:8) and “Expressed in his kindness to us in Jesus Christ” (English Standard Version Bible, Ephesians, 2:7) reveals the salvation of all the humanity through Jesus Christ. Jesus in Christianity is viewed as a human as he has experienced the processes of birth and death like ordinary humans to prove his human existence. Indeed, Christ has given a new direction to the life of every Christian. (Unbelievable, 2018) His act of paying the price owed to the Father for the forgiveness of sin to save humanity from evil has raised Christians to eternal life.


The Christian world professes Bible as a Holy Word from an omnipotent God as it is an inspired and inerrant Word about a Triune God manifested in three forms; God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christianity professes it as an ultimate guide and a lifestyle for Christians around the world to lead their lives ethically who believe in God, Jesus as God’s son as well as a human because of the sufferings he experienced to save humanity from evil and God’s anger. (Myers, 2015)

The Church Authority

The world of Christianity proclaims the Church as an institute ultimately God has ordained for the Christians around the globe to evangelize the Christian world through spiritual growth and baptism. Christians seek the authority of the Church as an organization and a primary expression where Christians can be accurately taught the Word of God. (Myers, 2015)

In conclusion, all believers of a Triune God must adhere to the core beliefs and practices according to the Christian theology and what Bible itself professes. It is evident that no Christian can rightly be called a firm believer of Christ if he abandons any one of these essential doctrines.


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