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Employee Care Improves Customer Care Services Research Paper


The discussion is about the authenticity of the material used to complete the research paper “Employee Care Improves Customer Care Services.” There are some references used which are from authentic web sources, for example, the scholarly articles produced through the primary data as well as secondary data available on the internet as well as in the limited accessed databases and libraries. The Union Bank is indeed a bank, and it’s located in California. The facts and figures discussed are available in the annual reports being found on the internet as well as its former employee’s interviews with well-reputed corporations, including Indeed and the Journal of Economic Issues. The authenticity is calculated and assumed by the data sources and the institutions that supervise the practice. For example, is one of the best-known sites for the production of real facts. In the current scenario, it is profoundly natural to evaluate the validity as well as the authenticity of the data as the research concerned was done by reputed institutes, including some past research papers. The main aim of the article is to discuss the reliability, validity, and clarification of the approach used for assessing the research information to conclude the discussion.


The measurement of the reliability of data is not an easy thing in the applied setting of this research paper because a huge number of resources are added to it. Most of the authors have used new ideas of research with a mixture of the old methods of data collection and data analysis, which was a contradicting thing in the initial times, but later on, this issue was resolved very keenly by finalizing the inter-rater reliability and the test-retest reliability functions. In the paper, the statement about the banks starts with the conclusion of all the possible things that are discussed in the Journal of International Banking. Most of them are also taken from the Union Bank’s main website as well. The paper initially involved a discussion of a former employee’s interview. In the debate, many aspects of the overall banking structure are discussed. The issues of the missing services which caused the low results are stated in the official statistics. The service quality is measured by the reliability, efficiency and responsiveness when handling the customers on the front line. In the Union Bank, the reasons were not clear at that time, which caused these problems, but since the most reliable and the most possible, all the other proofs would be dead.

In the research question of the paper, it was clear that the discussion will include ways to improve management as well as customer satisfaction. The validity and reliability of the research can be explained by the sources being used.

In the completion of the paper, the overall checklist explained is as follows, which directly expresses the writer’s understanding and the approach he has used to analyze the facts.

  • Understanding assessment

To understand the issues and improve them, the Union Bank website has been approached. It is clearly discussed in the paper.

  • Collecting assessment information

For the collection of the information, as seen in the paper, there is the annotated bibliography, which is self-explanatory, that most of the sources are authentic, and they are used in the discussion.

  • Analyzing assessment information

The analysis of the information is ambiguous. The information provided is not cited properly, and the reader will not be able to find out how to track the information.

  • Using assessment information

In the recommendation part, all the information collected information and used in the discussion is applied in the recommendations portion. Here, the strategies for improvement are discussed step by step. They are taken from the Handbook of Organizational Justice. It was published in the Psychology Press.

Many researchers use this approach as it is the most reliable and secure way to conduct research and evaluate the contents of the provided sources. Besides many problems with the content, the paper was good for understanding the facts about the history, which would highlight the best possible ways to improve management and customer care.


In a nutshell, it can be elaborated that the writer has included and discussed some different sources which were valid, but with an excellent composition, there must be an exemplification of the original data. Most of the writers try to use real incidents, while some prefer generalized discussions. Here, both scenarios are used. In the introduction and start of the debate, the writer has included the Union Bank in the name of the Bank of California as a real-life example with an addition of its former employee’s interview. In contrast, general discussion is also used to deliberate on the improvement in customer satisfaction with the service.


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