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Eating disorders

Eating disorders are one of the significant widespread issue of the contemporary society. This discussion essay provides a comprehensive list of guidelines for people assisting youth to recognize, prevent and assist the youth who are suffering from eating disorders.

Recognizing tips for Eating Disorders

  • Refusal to eat food with friends and family members
  • Frequently eating alone and eating in small portions
  • Denial of going to family gathering and isolating her/his self from family members
  • Skipping meals without any reason
  • Extremely concerned for maintenance of physique
  • Emotionally sensitive towards trivial matters
  • Exhibiting anxiety and depression
  • Using weight loss products and medicines
  • Issues with sleeping

Prevention Tips of Eating Disorders

  • Pay close attention to the behavioral and emotional triggers exhibited by your teenager
  • Pay attention and highlight the positive qualities of the teenager
  • Try to instigate self-esteem and positivity within the teenager
  • Try to avoid talking about the ideal body size and shape
  • Never body sham someone or anyone in front of the teenager
  • Promote healthy body image
  • Encourage the teenager to eat with family members and follow healthy eating habits
  • Share the dangerous consequences of excessive dieting
  • Try to take the teenager to social gatherings and avoid him sitting in isolation
  • Criticize and question the media messages such as advertisements, TV shows and movies which are promoting body objectification

Assistance Tips

  • Apply for a personalized eating disorder prevention program for your teenager
  • Consult a pshychologist for counselling sessions for the teenager
  • Choose psychological therapaies or hospitalization if required
  • Be regualar on the counselling sessions with your teenager and have proper follow-up
  • Create a vision board for the teenager to visiolize his life goals to instigate motivation and self-esteem. The vision board will help the teenager to constantly remind him/her of his life goals. Furthermore, it will motivate the teenager

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