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Early leadership of the New Republic and their effect

American Revolution leaders made three major risks. One of them was to seek independence from the British Empire which was more powerful, and this made them become the first colonies in America to find freedom from the mother empire. Secondly, they came up with the idea of forming a union of thirteen states, one of the things which had not been experienced before, since the colonies were known for bickering with other people. Lastly, they sacrificed their new state into a republic, then the radical and finally the risky government form (Okihiro 2014). These risks were successful, and it enabled the government to secure a magnanimous boundary in the peace treaty in 1783. Today, people can elect their governments which are stable, effective and even long lasting because of the risks which were taken by early leaders.

I believe James Madison was more influential in the establishment of American Political System in the 1970s. This is because he was the one who proposed the radical idea of a three-part federal system, being used today and also became the part of the new constitution of America. He felt that the federal government would take a major role which would overrule the mandate of individual state when considered to be unjust. He was also responsible for forming the republic party which opposed the political views of Federalists. He also collaborated with Alexander Hamilton and John Fay in composing Federalist papers. Although content in, they were not accepted during his time, the ideas and insights became part of American Politics.

What sets him apart from other is his personality. He was more concerned with the rights of the people. He protected citizens from the free exercise of their faculties. He made sure that they had freedom of speech, press, and right of property (Brinkley 2015). I agree with James Madison position since aimed at having a just government, which was going to protect the rights and properties of the citizen.


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