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Do you think it is ethical for employers to search the Internet for information on potential employees?

Different organizations across the world have come up with innovative ways to analyse the capability and the fitness of their employees before recruiting. They have tried to information systems for competitive advantages. This has brought the case study question of the legality of this process. The question is very diverse and debates would have a lot to discuss in this topic. Some if not all organisations of today uses information system where they run a random search in the internet to access and observe the ethical nature of their potential employers just before recruitment (Kirchme 138). We are in a digital world where internet has become everything in our life and so, employers have all the rights to employ this technique while doing their recruitments.

From my own perspective, it is somehow right considering the current state of the world. Everything in the modern world is Internet and for you to know someone deeply personal touch is just legal but the web has it all. Drinking and such like kinds of behaviour like party and others is on the rise amongst the youths and it is important for employers to know this before having a staff recruited in their organizations. However, this does not really apply to other people given that everybody is not much into the internet despite the fact that majority are. It is therefore important that while posting and doing your staff in such platforms like LinkedIn, you do it with manners and prescribed code of conduct it requires. Having good conduct in social media platforms and generally the internet to some point is very useful. It can also be of much benefit where the company seeks to employ people with common interests (Pearlson et al. 11). It can be of great benefit in a scenario where the employer is interested in your code of conduct in the internet, which has become a normal behaviour over the past.

Case 2: Streaming Video: In what ways has technology enabled the transformation and destruction of the traditional video rental industry?

Technology has come with great diversity and integration of the entire globe. Just as tech people say it, it has made the world a global market where you do not really have to be in a place to see what is happening but just connect and from the United States, I can see the Civil war in Middle East and others. These deviations in technology has had a great impact on the video industry from time immemorial. It has facilitated the transformation of this industry besides destruction of some of its features.

In the past, rental stores existed where one would go, rent a movie and watch then return it back for others to watch it. It was such a tedious and annoying process where you have to drive to these rental industries when he feels like watching a movie. Technology has transformed this and at ones own pleasure, you just tap whatever device you have and download the movie of your choice from the internet, watch. Alternative option of streaming the video live is also a choice. All this happen instantly the moment a movie is released. This kind of technology has destroyed the video rental industries who have then transformed to sites from, which you can download and stream movies. These benefits have come along with technology (Van 5). It has made the video renting such an easy activity and one cannot believe that sometimes back, you had to visit the video renting industries and rent the movies for only a given period.

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