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Do/Don’t Get Tattoos Essay

Body Modification (Tattoos)

Getting a tattoo marks the significant aspect of someone’s life. If someone meets a person special to them, then they would like to remember that date because it is unique. People often come up with having tattoos of their culture on them, because they want to represent or promote they culture with others. As someone craft, a tattoo of Christian cross to show that he is Christian. Tattoos can also be crafted for improving the appearance. Persons with scars or any other skin grafts using the tattoos to look beautiful rather than ugly. Tattoos also being adapted to match the color of any diseased area of the body with the surrounding body color. Tattoos are also being adopted for fun or bonding with friends. Like a bunch of friends crafted a specific symboled tattoo. This is a type of bond which will remain even they meet after a long time. They will remember that moment, that joy and friendship.

Getting tattoo is not beneficial because of obvious reasons. It affects the health of an individual because these tattoos breach the skin of an individual. This breaching can be harmful regarding skin infections and also any allergic reactions like red or green dyes. The ink gets injected into the skin, but the color pigments in it are designed for printers not for humans. These pigments can lead to various diseases. Tattoos can be a hurdle in getting a job from an organization. Many organizations have developed a well-organized policy against tattoos. Even in many religions, there is a restriction of getting tattoos. Like Muslims are strongly opposed to getting tattoos because it can affect their specific prayers. People also don’t get tattoos because they think that what people would say about it or what might be their reaction. Because in some societies these tattoos are considered as a symbol of evil.

Think before getting tattoos

People should try need to think about certain factors before crafting the tattoos. Once someone crafted tattoos, it remains forever because during crafting the needle being injected deep into the skin, so its mark remains forever. Tattoos can also become a hurdle in getting a good job due to many strict regulations of Organizations. In a society, tattoos may not be accepted by everyone because of the adverse impact of the tattoos as revised from many articles and being seen through media about the gang sign. At first, the tattoo may give a charm to the appearance, but as time passes and body gets older, these tattoos can become ugly on that old skin. Although everyone wants to look charming, before crafting tattoos remember that when the needle injected deep into the body, it results in a lot of pain and even cause injury. As the needle inserted into the top two layers of the skin, there is an obvious risk of health due to a breaking of skin which might lead to the entrance of bacteria causing HIV and Hepatitis B or C.

Negative Consequences of Body Modification

One of the drawbacks of the body modification by tattoos is that it remains forever as long as you live. It will only be demolished after the decaying of the body. Tattoos have the unwanted allergic reaction which associated with the ink that is being injected. This reaction may not be sudden, but as the time passes or environment changes some allergens may start to show their effect. Lighter colors like yellows and greens when exposed to sunlight can produce some unfavorable allergies. Apart from the medical background, people who come from conservative backgrounds, these tattoos can be a cause of emotional harassment for them.



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