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Disgusting Things That Teens do and How to Tab Them

Almost everyone has plans for his kids as they make promises to themselves that they will not let their kids do this and that, but, the matter of the fact is that teens do have tendencies to walk into problems that are despicable.

The teenage years are the most dangerous part of one’s age to fall into habits that can chase them like their shadow throughout their lives. As responsible parents, you can only give them the advice that they neither adhere to nor want to listen to altogether.

They do things that help them fit into the social circles to become the part of the crowd that provides them with an identity. Social acceptability among their age group is the main reason why they would go for drinking, wear brief clothing and even experiment with drugs.

As parents, you cannot seem to be in any control over what they do. One thing as a response to your responsibility instincts and as parents is to monitor or observe them before they go overboard when it is too late.

Wearing Scarce Cloths

Teen females are obsessed with clothes that are too revealing, and they do not necessarily wear them to lure the opposite sex. They go for this dressing to fit into a group of females that accompany them, a factor that is labelled as fashionable. It is an issue that sparks a nationwide debate on many forums, and it is a growing problem in females that give wrong messages to criminals like rapists. Although teen girls may have positive or somewhat clean intentions to do dressing that can become a safety threat to them, they may not realize that until usually it’s too late.

Booze and Drugs

Teens have a reputation for consuming alcohol in disproportional amounts, and they are also an easy target for drug traffickers in specific regions of residential areas. By the age of 13, as much as 40% of kids admit that they have tried alcoholic beverages. The actual figure is unknown. However, this figure jumps 66% by the age of 15. It is also known that, on average, 11-year-old boys try drinking for the first time.

40% of high school kids will admit that they have tried marijuana and have extended their experimentation to other illicit drugs for recreational purposes. Illegal drugs have definitive, lasting and irreversible effects on the human brains and bodies that continue till later in life, even if the person has stopped taking them. The proponents of marijuana make claims that it has no adverse health effects on the human body, but scientific researchers tell a different story. Baking yourself with weed can have detrimental effects not only on the brain but the heart and lungs also cannot get out of the grip of this drug. Marijuana smoking has been linked to cancer and has three times the tar that tobacco smoke contains and 50 per cent more cancer-causing agents.

Among other drugs like LSD, Ecstasy, and Heroin are the most addictive and accomplices to a long list of health diseases. Cocaine can spark violence, paranoia, agitation, hallucinations, psychosis, panic attacks and others.  All of these drugs are popular among teens, and it is easy to get them hooked if they are not acknowledged or have emotional ties, aka friendships in groups that are corrupt.        

Holding and Using Guns

America is notorious for its love affair with guns. Several times each year, news breaks out from the United States whenever some unknown psychopath opens fire in a public place, causing casualties by the dozens. Gun culture is everywhere among teens in the United States. It is in the video games, it is on TV and movies and buying a gun seems as easy as getting groceries from the market. Guns are as common in many of the states in the US as cars.

A new study suggests that kids who see gun violence in movies are more likely to play with and fire guns if they get hold of one. Gun violence in PG-rated movies since the rating was adopted in 1985, according to lead researcher and professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, Brad Bushman.

The study may help reveal tendencies related to gun use in young kids that develop until they reach their teenage.

How to Keep Your Teens Safe

TheOneSpy is a mobile app that can be dubbed as “the modern solution for age-old problems of youth”. You may know that if you have a teenage son or daughter, nagging in front of them can become an everyday norm, and they will not listen to whatever you say to them. You can try punishing them, as many parents do, by grounding them, but nothing seems to work. Your last resort can be a parental control app like TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy has around 250 highly useful features to monitor kids. You will find one of these features explained in the following that will give you the audiovisuals of your child’s surroundings in real-time and get them recorded with different options and preferences like scheduling.

TheOneSpy is designed to secretly provide real-time and record the daily activities of your teen, disregarding your teen’s location. It quickly downloads and installs on the mobile device and provides you with the footage and voices in the surroundings of the kid as the mobile device of your kid becomes tapped after the installation of TheOneSpy. Most of the mobile devices that can connect to the Internet and that have microphones and cameras are compatible with TheOneSpy.

Once you get the app installed on the mobile device, you will use your login and password received via email to log in to your online monitoring portal, preferably on your computer because the screen size is more revealing. You can efficiently use the Internet browser on your mobile device also with equal ease. The following will be the login screen of the TheOneSpy (TOS) portal.

Once you use the login with your username and password, you will find the following screen.

Click or tap on the “Dashboard” button. It will lead you to the following screen display.

It is a display where you see all the details of the target mobile device hardware information with your kid. Now, hover to the left side of the toolbar pane.

The pane will slide out to the right and then scroll down, click on “Bugging”, and then click on “Video Bug”, shown in the following figure.

You will see the following screen where you can choose between the front and the back camera of your kid’s device to tune in a listen to and watch the conversations and sounds taking place around your kid via the tapped mobile device.

On the right top corner, you will see the tab “Create Bug.” A “bug” is just a command that is sent to the TheOneSpy app installed in the target mobile device that tells the microphone and the camera of the target mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to start recording at a particular instance of time and show you live off what is going around the mobile device. You can schedule multiple bugs on your device and keep an eye on the situation your kid is involved in when you are not around, and you may be in the other part of the world.

You can schedule the bug and configure the duration of the video recording also which will be saved on this portal, and you can access it at any time and anywhere.

All the other features of TheOneSpy are just as easy to work with to keep your teen under surveillance for his or her all kinds of online and offline activities, so you can secretly help your child to go through the dangers of this phase of life and increase the chances of getting a better life later on.



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