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Die Fledermaus Music Concert

What was the main musical style of this concert?

The main musical style of the concert was opera, which is presented with the soloists, orchestra, chorus, and conductor on stage with a Theatrical background that covers the story of Die Fledermaus (Woeste)

What type/size ensemble performed this concert?  (Describe)

The concert was performed by the Orchestra that included musicians for playing the two violins, a flute, and the bass was controlled by two members while there were about 30 members of the orchestra who addressed the Oboe, clarinet, bassoon, cello, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, timpani, percussion and Rehearsal Piano. Each of the act was beautifully carried by the crew and the musicians which led to the success of the overall concert. The concert was conducted by Dr. Jason Thompson.

What type of personnel was used to perform this concert?

The play included actors, the cast, musicians who managed the background music and singers who added the beauty to the whole concert. About 20-25 people involved in the chorus of partygoers. The team of the orchestra was headed by Dr. Jason Thompson; and a crew of director, music director, managers, props designer, costume designers and many others were involved in the success of the opera concert.

How did this program pertain to any discussions in class?

The concert ignited zealous energy among the viewers. The classical approach of theatrical opera enhanced my knowledge about the genre of music and why it is among the most respected formats. It is a true expression of one’s feelings and emotions. The topic of opera is always a part of discussions among music lovers and concert goers due to its exceptional and extraordinary experience that lingers at the back of your head for years. The format in itself is magical and a true form of art that requires praise.

What was your overall impression of the concert?

The concert was an exceptional experience that I will cherish for life as it was beautifully executed by the talented singers, musicians, and actors who were involved in the success of the play. Opera concert is a unique form of music that requires devotion and passion for the field, which was demonstrated by the cast and crew of the concert. One can never leave their seats while they are indulged in the glory of the scene.

PART II – REVIEW – this portion is to be a typed full-page review

(Page 2 of this report)

Select two of the musical works presented in the concert; name them both by title and composer.

Describe these two musical works as you heard them. Include any emotional impact the music may have had and described each selection in terms of melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, texture, and dynamics.

Act One

By: Luke Brautigam

The first scene captures the scene of Einstein’s Home, where Luke Brautigam plays the role of Gabriel, who is the main lead of the play. Gabriel is preparing to go to jail after his imprisonment is confirmed when he receives an invitation to the party of a lifetime. At this moment the music is maintained to spark the sadness in the air and make the audience understand the emotions of Gabriel who disappointed in himself and his prank that led him to prison.

The beats performed in this are irregular and free to highlight the mixture of emotions. The melody is, therefore, unorganized and set of different tunes and pitches. The music geniuses used a variety of notes and rhythms to perform a texture of music that is unique and captures the mind with every emotion portrayed in a distinguished way, which supports the character’s emotions.

At the beginning of the scene, the tempo of the music is kept very slow and soothing while embarking a feeling of despair among the audience to be able to relate to the character. As Gabriel receives an invitation, the tempo is faster, and a higher pitch is used to describe the excitement it feels. However, this reminds him that he won’t be able to be a part of it. This quick change in feelings is demonstrated by the sudden change in the rhythm and harmony of notes.

Act Three

By: Various Actors and Orchestra

The final scene is where the true faces are revealed, most of the actors were involved in this part of the play. The Orchestra contributed to the scene to create music that pays attention to all the emotions felt by different characters. It is a scene of laughter and joy. This is demonstrated by high pitched notes and an organized set of melody and texture that portrays the feeling of joy and unity. The beats are performed in a regular manner to express the only emotion showed in the scene.

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