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Did England have a right to tax the colonists?

England had no right to take taxes from the colonists of the French Indian War. The colonists were the first to fight in the war and had also incurred as many losses as the actual Britain country hence there was no justification for them to be taxed. The British Redcoats had also led to the Boston massacre that killed innocent colonists and they weren’t paying taxes hence the more reason for other colonist not to pay taxes.

Were the colonists justified in resisting British policies after the French and Indian War?

The colonists were very justified to resist the British policies. British was unlawfully taxing them through the tea act, the stamp tax and other acts. The colonists also did not have any representation in the England government which meat that they had no say in the government or in any decisions made. Therefore, they had to revolt as there was no way they were to pay taxes and yet they have no government representatives to advocate for their interests. The colonists also had to pay over 50% more taxes than they should have

Was the American Revolution solely a revolt against taxes or was the break away from the mother country inevitable?

The colonists were not only revolting for taxes but also wanted to break from the mother country. The colonists were British citizens and hence despite fighting against the extreme taxes, they wanted to break from the mother country and be on their own. The colonists were resisted the limits on self- government

Would you have been part of the revolution? In what way?

I would not have been a part of the revolution. Given that the colonists were British citizens and enjoyed free trade roots and the use of the British flag to have it easy in their undertakings, I believe there was a chance for dialogue between the parties which was not given any chance.




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