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Diagnosis in psychology Case Study

While giving a diagnosis in psychology, the symptoms should be studied first, from the symptoms it can quickly be concluded that someone has a given disorder. Someone can be known to be depressed by the looks on the face or even body language. Overconfident people speak too much. They are disrespectful in most cases, and they don’t accept criticism even when they are wrong.
Depression results in anxiety and comes about when one thinks and worries about what might happen next especially when one is in a difficult situation. Nan a 25 old female seems to be anxious. From looks, Nan appears depressed and confesses that she spends most of the time sleeping. She is a school dropout and currently holds no job. Nan seems shy because she avoids eye contact, her wrinkled clothes and greasy hair shows clearly that she has given up to a point that she forgets to maintain her body looks.
Nan should be asked about the cause of her depression and how she feels at that moment. She should also explain how the whole process happened and which people were involved. She should be asked open questions like how long have you been coping’ and if she hesitates to answer you should not pressure her to open up. She should be made to feel relaxed by taking a deep breath. Similar stories that are perceived to be identical to hers should be narrated to her. The stories will make her feel normal, and if at all she decides to open up she will not fear.
Nan should be advised to get involved in social and religious activities because they will help her feel relieved and through interaction, she will eventually learn that whatever happened to her happened to someone else like her, and this will help her figure out that she is not odd from the rest of the people. Getting involved in social and religious activities will also boost her self-confidence because she will get to interact with people from different diversity.
She should confide in someone close to her and always be with friends. Sharing something with someone you confide in will enable you to ease up. Being around friends will be a cure for depression because of the fun shared while together. Friends can also be of great comfort and encouragement if they know that you are depressed. Nan should even get involved with friends who have interests like hers. This trick of doing the same things with people with similar interests and drive can propel you to go the extra mile because you get to encourage one another.
She should learn to solve her tasks in bits this will prevent her from being disappointed and getting depressed if all things don’t turn out the way they were expected. Solving or doing things in stages enables one to obtain a sense of self-satisfaction at every step of accomplishment and this can boost one’s morale. Preparing a schedule and ticking every accomplished task can be of help. Trying to accomplish something at once or within a short time can be disappointing because mostly one ends up frustrated as the whole process seems tedious and leads to giving up and depression. Nan should set goals that are achievable. She might have had high prospects somewhere by focusing on something that she believed she could achieve but to her frustration, things turned out negative, and she gave up even going to school.
Breanna talks too much about herself and shows disrespect to the nurse by calling her stupid. She makes assumptions that because she thought she had made unproven nuclear physics solutions she was supposed to be in a doctorate class. She believes that only a smart person can understand her and give her a doctorate or declare her president of the world. She praises herself too much for what she is not.
Breanna is overconfident in what she knows. At seventeen, Brianna is still a teenager who needs encouragement and is told that she can make it in life. Although Breanna shows meaningless drawings about the problems she has solved in nuclear physics, she should not be shunned from keeping trying. Most teenagers try seeking social acceptance by doing things that can be perceived as extraordinary by their peers and other people they find ways that can make them feel accomplished. Breanna hates the nurse because she observed that the nurse did not understand her solution.
She should be asked to explain her nuclear physics solutions and made to understand that they do not make sense, but she should be made to believe that she can improve them and do extra research to make them work out. Her solutions can be compared with other Ph.D. holders in nuclear physics, and of course, her answers will turn out to be a little ambiguous, and this will push her to work extra hard to find the solutions. The act of comparing her solutions with those of the people she believes she should be like will give her hope to continue. The nurse never bothered to go into detail and make Brianna realize that her solutions containing sketches were not going to work as a result of that, Brianna never believed her because she had no proof that they could not work out.
Breanna should avoid jumping to conclusions and making fast decisions. She believes that what she has is the best and that it can make her a Ph.D. holder. She also thinks that she should not be in high school because she is too smart. Unfortunately, she is wrong because her solutions are not proven, and they seem meaningless.
She should be honest with herself and stop comparing herself with Ph.D. holders. She should accept criticism from her parents and the nurse and avoid unnecessary imagination. The fantasies of being a Ph.D. holder or a president of the United States of America and the whole world all seem impossible because whatever she presents as solutions for nuclear physics are baseless without concrete backing. She should accept herself and work hard to transform her fantasies into reality.
In both cases, the individuals involved are faced with contrasting disorders. Breanna is overconfident, and Nan is depressed and anxious. Breanna is over-optimistic because she believes whatever she has can make her a Ph.D. holder in nuclear physics or a president. Whatever she thinks has to be proven wrong with facts otherwise she will not accept or believe it. Nan’s depression makes her drop out of school and quit her job. Nan looks like someone who has given up and had no courage to continue her body tells it all immediately after she enters. Both are faced with situations that they require to share and get proper counseling. They are made to open up by being asked questions. Both individuals seem young, and hence confidence and hope should be instilled in them during the diagnosis.



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