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Diabetes Type Two Essay

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by over excess sugar and glucose in one’s bloodstream. Insulin as a transporter of sugar from the blood to the cells for energy builds up. Type two of diabetes is critical since insulin does not communicate with the cells the way they should. Type two diabetes, when delayed to treatment, can cause serious complications in the human body. The disease is caused by lack of exercise which brings about obesity.

Type two diabetes the body does not supply insulin accordingly to bring sugar to the cells. While this is happening the body is unable to access sugar to create energy. Therefore the body looks for other tissues to create energy. Symptoms of diabetes type two include fatigue, quick hunger after meals, frequent thirst, weight loss and often urination. If your level of blood sugar has been high for a long period the symptoms can be severe. They may include, foot pain, yeast infections, and slow healing cuts and sores. In case of this symptoms when experienced one should see a doctor without having any treatment. For women with this type of disease, it is risky since it can make matter worse while pregnant.

Diet is a key area of causing high levels of sugar in someone’s body. Early detection of carbohydrate intolerance holds great promise for preventing the onset, progression, and complications of Type 2 diabetes. The type of foods that someone is eating may cause sugar levels to increase. Therefore one has to be knee on what he or she is eating. One should look for foods with rich nutrition. Also one should eat vegetables for vitamins. Also, one should avoid foods with a lot of fats, and consider fruits legumes and grains for a proper diet. Fatty acids also help in the diet for diabetic patients they include, salmon, tuna, cod, sardines, and halibut ( Management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes, 2012).

Treatment of diabetes is not an easy task since you need to avoid a lot of temptations. These studies should provide a public health model for the recognition of high-risk individuals and interventions to stem the epidemic of type two diabetes. For those patients who havefrom Type 2 diabetes already, pancreas transplantation remains an extreme intervention with the potential for ‘curing’ diabetes. Once you have been diagnosed with the disease, the doctor advises the victim to avoid certain things. One is told to include foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates for energy creation in the diet. Islet cell transplanting has been a major success for diabetes type 2 compared to type 1. Availability of is-let cells has made antigen masking technology a hope for the future. For one to take insulin it is recommended by a doctor, not every patient with diabetes takes the insulin. Portable insulin systems can be of help to patients, rather than every day injections.

Diabetes type two can be controlled by medication from a doctor. This prescription is to be followed to ensure proper consistency of the medication. One can be given medicine like metformin, this medicine can lower one’s blood sugar, and it can improve the insulin in a patient body. The ultimate cure for diabetes type 2 is the b-cell transplanting which is capable of resisting decrease of insulin.

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