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Determining the Advertising Objectives and Determining The Budget?

Advertising objectives are essential not simply for a corporate plan, but as well as for the day to day actions of a small enterprises. Goals are needed to be set and having advertising objectives is a superior way to generate and observe objective progress. By taking these necessary steps, one can make sure that the amount which is spent on advertising is used in right advertising avenues for your service and product. (“Advertising Budget,” 1930)

Few Advertising objectives are pointed below

  • Be realistic in the expectations of advertisement.
  • Understand the market first. Knowing how to react and where to reach
  • Plan what is needed to be accomplished first. Before setting an advertising goal, decide how many new you want to target.
  • Use the budget amount to take decisions. I.e., how much budget you can utilize in the advertisement.
  • Check your objectives before fully compelling. Running small test campaigns to test the objectives.(“How to Determine Advertising Objectives,” n.d.)

The advertising budget of a company is a part of the total budget allocated to the sales market. The marketing budget is also a part of it. Advertising is one of the portions of the marketing and sales struggle. Money that is being spent on advertising can be considered as an investment in expanding up the business.(Boundless, 2017)

By keeping in mind, the advertisement budget by the advertising and marketing goals following things should be kept in mind:

  • Who is the target consumer? Who is concerned about buying the product or service
  • What type of media will be most useful in getting the target customer?
  • What is needed to get the target consumer to buy the product?
  • What is the connection among advertising expenses and the influence of advertising operations on product or service procurements?

There are several methods used to develop the budget. Some are listed below

  • Proportion of Sales method
  • Objective and Task technique
  • Competitive Parity technique
  • Marketplace Share technique
  • Item Sales technique
  • Entirely Available Funds technique
  • Affordable technique

Write an awareness objective for a newly formed adolescent chemical dependency program whose target market consists of judges and social workers who refer to the facility. How would this objective change for the trial level of the hierarchy of effects?

The awareness objective for an adolescent chemical dependency program for judges and social workers who use the facility would make them aware of the contents of the program; it would outline the following

  • Group Consoling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Care Management
  • Family participation
  • family coordination
  • Drug screening
  • After care programming
  • The ultimate aims of the program would be
  • Partner with the youngers to advance a therapeutic alliance
  • Progress a realistic plan for change, that promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Identify environmental and emotional triggers present that could result in mental health issues
  • Help the program participant to develop an insight into various typical adolescent behavior and their consequences
  • Progress age suitable strategies for alteration and applying coping skills to avoid relapse and growth value of life
  • Involving with the family and community to grow a solid, caring system
  • Teach and encourage ongoing skills use, proper nutrition, exercise, and development of overall physical, emotional health
  • Support entertaining activities that do not lead to the use of drugs or alcohol

These awareness objectives for a newly formed adolescent chemical dependency program will be implemented by ads and poster displayed on different sites so that people could see them and understands these awareness objectives. There could be many ways of communicating these awareness programs . Meeting can also be arranged with the workers to convey information about the objectives. Workshops should be organized that promotes this awareness program. A specific media department should be made that deals specifically with the awareness program.

As the newly hired hospital marketing director, you have your first meeting with the administrator. “Okay,” he says, “we need to advertise our physical rehabilitation program. I’ll give you a couple of days to tell me how much you’d like to spend. Is $5000 enough? I think we can afford a little more if you need it. And, based on what I’ve seen in the newspapers, St. Mary’s seems to spend slightly less than that. Give me your thoughts in two days.” Your two days are up.

As a new hospital marketing director, I suggest that the hospital should spend $5000 on advertising on Google ads and only target the specific people and society that need this rehabilitation program. In this way, only those people will see our ads on the internet that needs physical rehabilitation.

Not everyone needs physical rehabilitation so its waste of money if we put expensive ads on newspaper or T.V. A targeted advertisement should be made with the help of social media or Google ads to put the advertisement on the specific websites that are related to the physical rehabilitation. The marketing should be peculiar to the area near to the hospital. As it is irrelevant to put ads on other cities or to other countries.

I think $5000 is enough for the advertisement on the internet as the ad will be area sensitive and specific to the health rehabilitation websites.


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