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Describes an innovation or change needed by an organization and explains the causes for the needed innovation and change

In times of rapid technological developments and hectic schedules, the customer expectations are bound to change and demand an enhanced level of availability and urgency by the customer service representatives. These customer demands, and expectations provoke the organization to take measures with integrated innovative and technological approaches to develop a system through which the customer service representatives can communicate, interact and engage with the customers without much hassle. For this purpose, it is recommended that the organization must consider the development of an online Customer Service Support System that must be capable of providing a 360-Degrees Customer View through multiple mediums and perspectives.

In simple words, this system must be capable of responding to the customers on an immediate basis (24/7) through multiple mediums that may include e-mail, live chat, walk-in portals, etc. In this way, the customer will be more motivated to connect with the organization for purchase, sales, and other organizational processes based on their comfort level and preferences. This will also create a sense of trust, reliability, and satisfaction between the organization and their customers.

Explains the value of the innovation or change and discusses the risks to an organization of not innovating and changing.

For the organization to grow and develop in the times of tough competition due to globalization and technology, it is important that the managers must focus on the creativity and innovation in their processes and decision making. Researches have shown that there exists a close correlation between creativity and innovation that can play an integral part in giving the organizations a competitive edge. Innovation is a process by which a symbolic area in the culture is changed. Therefore, the Organizations must keep tabs on the innovation however and, after it’s all said and done that innovation ought to be joined with the demands of the client who is the significant player in driving innovation all the while occurring at the businesses. Customarily organizations must have an approach that they used to fulfill their clients by utilizing the system of individual connection and communication of the specialized individuals and bargains agents with their clients.

The upgraded service quality provided for the customers enhances their faithfulness to the service provider. Along these lines, the thought has been paid to the idea of customer satisfaction as a corporate goal among scholastics and business specialists. Satisfaction is a critical consequence of marketing strategies that development lastly complete in the purchase, and satisfaction is furthermore thought to add to post-securing wonders, for instance, verbal correspondence, repurchase objective, and brand dedication.

Customer satisfaction would affect customer devotion. The outcomes showed a slight augmentation in customer satisfaction would exceedingly improve customer dedication. Along these lines, customer satisfaction was reasoned to affect customer reliability. Furthermore, we discovered around an organized structure of service quality, customer satisfaction, and saw esteem, suggesting that customer satisfaction and saw esteem affect customers’ future purchase rehearses. Customer satisfaction affected repurchase objectives. Repurchase objectives are viewed as a possible consequence of customer faithfulness.

Recommends methods for leading the innovation and change process and supports recommendations with relevant evidence.

Following are the elements that influence and influence the innovation:

  1. autonomy and awareness of other’s expectations;
  2. critical thinking and brainstorming;
  3. motivation and involvement of concerned powers and personal;
  4. management patterns, styles, convictions, and characteristics;
  5. brainstorming capabilities;
  6. team building and initiative characteristics of a leader;
  7. an open and very informative environment;

In light of the identified variables, taking after is an efficient procedure of upgrading the process of innovation inside and remotely.

Recommends strategies for engaging employees in the innovation and change process and supports recommendations with relevant evidence.

One of the best ways to improve the service experience is by implementing a 360 Degrees Customer service procedure that emphasizes the immediate availability of help needed. This can be achieved by increasing the designated employees and improving the communication medium such as implementing more phone lines with online connectivity that can provide real-time help and assistance for the customers.

Furthermore, there is more need for proper employee training and orientation. They need to be aware of protocols and customer service ethics that need to be followed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Analyzes how the concepts of whole person leadership and personal leadership strengths can help with the innovation and change process.

The role of leadership management is very critical when it comes to inducing innovation, change and positive employee integration along with customer satisfaction. To ensure that the change is being brought in, appropriately and sufficiently, the eight steps of change by Kotter and Cohen can be used. Following are the recommended eight steps of change that ensure positive and constructive change management:

  • Sufficient Staff and Sufficient Urgency
  • Guiding Team
  • Get the Vision Right
  • Communication
  • Empower Action
  • Creating Short Term Goals
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Sticking up with the Change

Assuming that an association has viable management and a great group of managers, then they can help in a quite centered manner to the entire association. This had any effect on that innovation in this sense got to be more to be acknowledged and additionally included esteem in the greater part of the techniques. An alternate truth that came into notice while investigating on them that they likewise had a colossal number of adolescent employees implies they were securing new methodologies and thoughts.



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