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defining psychology with biological, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic approaches


Psychology is defined differently by different researchers and authors from different perspectives. However, a universal and general definition of psychology is the study of human behavior and the mind. Psychologists and people related to the nursing field look at an individual’s behavior from the perspective of a Biological approach, Behavioral approach, Cognitive approach, and Humanistic approach.

Biologists look at the behavior of individuals by using a biological approach, which means the connection between the mental state and mind of a person, which affects the mood and actions of the individual. The nursing approach to biology also links it with the function of hormones and the nervous system, which means how hormones react with the nervous system to cause behavior in a person. The other perspective that defines the psychological behavior of a person is the Psychodynamic approach. This approach is normally used in nursing when studying human body activities, which is crucial for treatment. Psychologists use the psychodynamic approach to examine the individual’s past experiences and early childhood. They believe a person’s current behavior derives from early childhood and past experiences.

In addition, the behavioral approach believes that reinforcement and punishments influence a person’s behavior. For example, the changes in the rule of law in the healthcare and nursing houses must be understood properly. Such punishments are in the form of penalties from the government or the penalties in any organization. By enrolling in a nursing career, individuals are supposed to involve themselves in believing that external environmental factors affect an individual’s behavior.

Moreover, the Cognitive school of thought in nursing believes that people’s expectations and emotions determine an individual’s behavior. It means how to see reality and what they expect from life, as well as the emotions that influence their behavior. Discussion about the nursing career can be explained in contrast to the above, the humanistic approach defines psychology as how one feels about oneself for staying happy and satisfied. Such happiness and satisfaction come from the humanistic behavior of people, which means that they are concerned about achieving their goals and building themselves up (Licht, Hull, & Ballantyne, n.d.).


The nursing profession is one of the crucial and emerging ones in the field of medical sciences and is applied to different areas of life from different perspectives. A study is done in China to investigate the behavior of individuals. Researchers have used the method to determine the role and extra-role behavior (Delobelle et al., 2011). Katz and Kahn developed the role behavior. Kat researched and studied three specific behaviors of the individuals that affect the performance of an organization.

Moreover, extra-role behavior based on organizational citizenship encourages organizations to use effective measures for efficiency and effectiveness. This approach emphasizes the focus on organization, for example, introducing informal rules that will affect the behavior of individuals in the organization and the performance of the organization in general. Organizational citizenship is the concept based on loyalty, performance, engagement, and commitment to the team within an organization. In an organization behavior is the series of changing reactions of the employees to changing circumstances. Internal and external environmental factors affect employees’ behavior in an organization.

Psychological concepts can be applied to personal, social, and organizational problems. Personal problems occur when an individual’s attitude towards their own life and others is not fair and unacceptable in society (Delobelle et al., 2011). However, psychological concepts if applied to personal life like the Humanistic approach. If applied to personal problems, the individual may get out of behavior problems by using the concept of universal religion humanity, which sets some basic rules for living a stress-free life. Psychological concepts are also applied to organizations as explained above, and to the field of sociology as well Sociologists alter the behavior of an individual by looking at the social circle of the individual and the living style of a person in a community.


These days, Psychological concepts are applied in different fields like nursing. Nurses in hospitals deal with inpatients to improve the healthcare of inpatients in mental health facilities, clinics, or hospitals. The nursing profession is an emerging field where more and more people enter due to the need for hospital inpatients. I believe nurses can offer better services to patients with unstable behavior and attitudes. The need for nursing to manage the behavior of an inpatient can be seen in psychiatry. Nurses handle inpatients with their soft skills. Choosing the nursing profession for myself was total because I felt the need for it in mental health facilities in medicine and I believe nursing in a mental health facility is the best organization where one can put psychological concepts into practice and alter the behavior of inpatients for their welfare and the welfare of others.


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