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Death of a Salesman Play Analysis


The tone of the play is about the internal conflict that the characters face and how they tend to deal with that conflict.

Setting Characterization

The characters in the play are set up in a manner that provides information about how successes and failures need to be looked at from a perspective. The characters, though, are not made out to be caricatures; instead, one feels emotionally invested in them.


The climax of the play is set up to provide an idea of how important it is for people to learn from their mistakes. It also tends to provide an idea about how self-centeredness leaves a person alone.

Rhyme Scheme

The rhyme scheme of the play is interesting in the sense that it shows that he himself is his biggest obstacle towards the way of his success. An interesting dynamic at play here shows how the characters’ overall relationship is developed and how it can be sustained for a longer period.


Many undertones and themes are discussed during the narrative of the play. Willy himself is not an evil personified; instead, the character comes across as someone who needs help and guidance.

Repetition and Hyphens

The reputation across the narrative of the play is based on the conflict witnessed among the central characters. The internal conflict and the conflict witnessed in the family are some of the key themes repeated throughout the character’s journey and arc.


The narrative of this play contains quite powerful imagery. The underlying contrasting images of the city and the downtown go to show the emotional conflict that Willy faces then.

Point of View

During the play, the other major recurring theme is the fact that how the point of view of the protagonist is being presented. It gives an insight into the emotional turmoil that is faced by Willy and how he is not accepting the reality


Allegory is one of the key themes in the narrative. For instance, Willy’s attribution of all his failures to other people and his attempt to hold on to his son’s success on the football team are examples of allegory.


The biggest irony in the play is that during the play, Willy has this sense of self-entitlement, believing that popularity and attractiveness are the most important attributes without really working on himself.


There are many themes that one can see in the narrative of Death of the Salesmen, where it can be seen how self-centeredness and bitterness can lead to tragedy in life. It also discusses how people should understand their problems instead of running from them for lasting effects.


Some key themes and symbolism are used in the play. The most interesting one, though, is that both the protagonist and the antagonist are the same person. At times, at an emotional level, one might want to relate and be sympathetic to him, but they have driven away from him due to the way his nature works.



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