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data management through integrative technological solutions

There are several functions and processes in the area such as a database, security, system analysis networking, and web design. It is impossible to have organized data without database management that controls, organizes, and catalogues data in an information system. The primary function of a database is to provide maintenance and implement controls to data files through the use of data security. Systems analyses on the other hand are helpful in storing and analyzing information. Finding an organization that manages its data manually with hand-copy formats is hard. Besides, this helps in making decisions. The adequacy of its strategic plans determines the success of a company. Another function is that it assists business processes.  Security is critical in any information system (Kerzner, & Kerzner, 2017).  The security system is constructed using user-accessed codes and relational database tables. Some of the functions of human-computer interaction include ensuring the usability and functionality of the system. Besides, it enhances the provision of efficient user interaction support. Lastly, it ensures that there is a pleasant user experience. Web design plays a crucial role in website advertisement. It is helpful in presenting an organization’s diverse services and products, for every online business web design must be involved.

There are various ways of demonstrating the ability to evaluate issues in an organization through the use of integrative technological solutions.  The managers have the sole responsibility for shepherding a technical solution. There should be a framework for information. For instance, observing the current job routine. More so, paying attention to parts that require making decisions is good. Across all industries, there are increases in the use of information systems. Over the decades, information systems have evolved to match changes (Piotrowicz, & Cuthbertson, 2014).

Integrative information technology may be used to solve business problems. To enhance the growth of business at dramatic rates it is fundamental to have integrated technology. This will be effective throughout the company. In day-to-day operations, one should expect to encounter order management, invoicing, fulfilment expenses approvals as well as financial consolidation. However, it is good to automate the processes, as it will help one avoid new hires. Obviously, the hires would be required to manage the processes. Another way of solving issues has dramatically improved visibility. Visibility is crucial in making informed decisions. This is possible If one can access information from anywhere without wasting resources on data extension.

Through technology and information, one can identify various issues in the field of IT. The first issue is information security. It helps develop an agile approach to create a secure network and develop security policies. More so, it reduces information exposure to security threats. Another issue that can be identified is the optimization of educational technology. It is good to collaborate with academic leadership and faculty to understand the changes in the education sector. Another issue is the retention and hiring of the IT workforce. One should ensure there is sufficient staffing capacity as well as staff retention.


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