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Cybersecurity threats experienced in China

Due to all the cyber security issues that China, as a superpower nation, can cause, it poses a serious threat to most states. Fireball, a piece of malware that takes over browsers, is one of the threats to China’s cyber security. It hijacks target browsers and renders them zombies. The Fireball malware was produced by the Chinese company Rafotech (Afshan & Ali,2021). It can manipulate and hijack user web traffic, download arbitrary files, and run code on victims’ computers to generate advertising revenue.

Global cybersecurity guidelines used to check the effects

To address significant issues like Chinese-made phones with spying capabilities, the United States has a cyber strategy. The national system is centred on some pillars, including:

  1. By supporting an open, dependable, interoperable, and secure Internet and assisting American allies in developing their cyber defenses against “threats that target mutual interests,” the United States can increase its influence.
  2. Maintain Peace through Strength by boosting cyber stability through norms of responsible state conduct and attributing and discouraging improper cyber behavior.

Fireball Malware Characteristics

Check Point Security Discovered Fireball, a malware that hijacks browsers. It hijacks target browsers and renders them, zombies. Chinese company Rafotech created the Fireball malware (Twist,2017). It can download arbitrary files, manipulate and hijack user web traffic, and run code on victims’ computers to generate revenue from advertisements. It adds plugins and different settings to enhance its advertisements and has the potential to act as a distribution point for any additional malware. Malware can run any code on victim computers, including downloading an arbitrary file, rerouting and controlling infected users’ web traffic, and hijacking and modifying traffic to generate advertising revenue. It can act as a hub for the distribution of any additional malware, and by modifying settings and adding plugins, it improves its advertisements. Bundling is the primary method of malware distribution. It frequently gets unintentionally installed alongside a prohibited program on a victim’s computer. 250 million computers are thought to be infected globally.

The 5G network is one of the main contributors of Fireball malware in the next ten years. Cybersecurity will be impacted by geopolitics and technological advancement in the future. It is necessary to analyze this sociotechnical system. Artificial intelligence will shape the future with implications for everything from the Internet of Things to nuclear defense (Afshan & Ali,2021). The fast streaming of data of any size and type over 5G, the cloud’s ability to store these zettabytes of data, and other factors will advance the frontier of knowledge.


To control fireball malware, I recommend that people avoid installing free software, as publishers do not verify it. Keep your antivirus software up to date and avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments in unfamiliar or unexpected emails.


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