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If one talks about making a career in cyber security, there are three positions in which one can make a career. These three positions are as follows.

Security Analyst

They are supposed to make sure that the organization’s private and confidential information must remain secure.

Security Engineer

These engineers are supposed to make sure that the security aspects of the overall design of the system are being looked after and possible sources of disruption are identified and done away with. They also look after the protocols of information that is needed to be followed.


A cryptographer is someone who makes sure that the relevant codes and algorithms that are an important part of the overall security of the organization are being taken care of. At the same time, they are also entrusted with making sure that the security of the messages that go within the organization is being taken care of in the appropriate manner.

Cover Letter

The letter is to show my interest in the position that your organization has posted on LinkedIn. I bring with me extensive experience in handling various security threats that are faced by organizations. As the data breaches and information security issues have increased lately, it is important for the organization to make sure that they make allowance for the safety and the security of the information of the customers. I am aware of the up-to-date methodologies for data security and would bring a proactive approach to threat management to the organization. I am attaching a copy of my resume as well as the details of my relevant experience. I can be reached through e-mail anytime soon as well as I am always available on my phone. I am looking forward to speaking to you about this opportunity and hope that my experience will hold me in good stead in this organization.


Tobey, D. H., Pusey, P., & Burley, D. L. (2014). Engaging learners in cybersecurity careers: lessons from the launch of the national cyber league. ACM Inroads, 5(1), 53-56.



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