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Every business setting has one thing in mind: to earn more money. The best strategy to achieve this is to draw the highest number of customers. By doing this, the organization gets a lot of purchases that translate to a high-profit level. One way to go about this is to ensure they are treated well and satisfied. Besides getting what they are looking for, customers need to feel wanted or appreciated so that they can come back should they need the same products being offered. Many organizations are putting a lot of effort into ensuring proper customer service.

Among the measures being put in place include guiding customers, providing ample and adequate parking space, offering any required assistance to customers, managers interacting with customers, and taking feedback that they will use to gauge their modes of service delivery. This essay focuses on customer service in four organizations that I have visited over the past four weeks in comparison to the standards described in professional journals on this matter.

My first visit was at Walmart. This is an American-based corporation that runs a large number of hypermarkets, grocery outlets, and department stores that offer discount services. It has its headquarters in Arkansas. Besides these institutions, it also runs some warehouses. It offers a large number of services that include footwear, toys, jewelry, pet supplies, sporting facilities, electronic equipment, furniture products, clothes, craft supplies, and groceries, among many others. It is worth noting that Walmart is perhaps the organization with the largest number of employees, standing at 2.3 million worldwide. Upon visiting their stores, there is always someone at the entrance to guide you.

This is followed by a compulsory security check that is conducted respectfully by a professional agent of the same gender as the customer. As I went to the store to pick my preferred items, I noticed employees located at various points whose sole role was to guide shoppers. Their stores are usually large, and customers may spend a lot of valuable time searching for their preferred products. Employees have a good or tolerant attitude towards customers. There are no rude responses or comments from the employees, as this would drive away many potential customers. A controversial issue is that this organization offers very low prices to draw customers. This economically sabotages other centers. More effort should instead be diverted to serving customers efficiently.

My next visit was to a local bank institution in the area. The first thing is a warm reception before the mandatory security check. All the employees in this institution were officially dressed, which is a requirement for such an official setting. Racial differences were minimal because there was an almost equal number of whites and blacks. Besides this, any employee is willing to give directions upon being requested. Services are offered to clients with the utmost professionalism. Whatever sort of issue needs handling will be sorted out by the appropriate employee.

Above this, I noticed the bank manager joyfully interacting with some clients and conversing with them. He also took part in the reception and handling of any problem that a client probably had. This is quite in line with Chen et al. (2015) assertion on the role of servant leadership and its effect on the manner in which employees handle themselves. In this setting, it would be inappropriate for the manager to start issuing commands to the employees, as this would make them feel despised. Once employees have this feeling, the quality of service delivery is significantly compromised. In this instance, the manager looks joyful and performs the most primary role in the bank. The other employees see this as a perfect illustration of how they should perform their duties.

The situation was quite different in the shoe store. The local shoe store is located in a concealed area within the town center and offers the widest variety of footwear, be it casual, semi-casual, or official. Any footwear will be found there. This is the reason why a large number of individuals who live in this area frequent this store. There is no receptionist at the entrance. Anyone just walks in and goes straight to their preferred section. The only security measure put in place is CCTV cameras, which monitor movements within the store and prevent mischievous persons from carrying out illegal activities. There are set prices or price tags on the footwear. The customer picks their choice and pays that amount to the attendant, who then wraps it in a carton with the shoe’s exact brand name. In my view, the shoe store requires a lot of effort in improving customer service and general delivery. For instance, they could employ a security guard to ensure that no criminal gains access to the store, as this would risk the entire establishment. The size of the store should also be improved. This is because it supplies a large population, the store should be increased in size to accommodate a large number of people. This will also enhance smooth movement and make the selection of footwear easy.

The dining establishment probably fits all the requirements of proper customer service. It is located in an open area within the town. At the entrance are two guards dressed in black and white. The first thing that they do is greet a customer and consequently usher them in. As you walk in, there is someone else who guides you to a table that has not yet been occupied or reserved. They pull the seat for you and request you to sit. Immediately, a waitress arrives with a glass of water and offers it to the customer. As they do this, they take orders from the customer. No matter what time of day you arrive, there is always sufficient food. If the food ordered is available, the waiter or waitress delivers it to you within a short period. If it is not available, they will explain it and request that you place another order.

If you do not prefer to do so, they will go ahead and prepare the meal as fast as they can. Every provider in this setting is officially dressed. The environment is calm, with little soothing music in the background. The sole aim of all these measures is to ensure customer satisfaction. According to Mutalib et al. (2018), “proper customer service ensures their loyalty and commitment.” The same customer who visited the establishment yesterday will come back tomorrow because they liked how they were treated. This is an important aspect, especially in this area, which is frequented by new people. It is crucial to take advantage of this and give them the utmost services. By doing this, they will not consider going to any other center. They will come back to the same place. This amounts to increased or sustained returns to the establishment.

In conclusion, proper customer service is a crucial component in ensuring the continued growth of a business organization. As such, considerable effort should be directed towards improving this quality.


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