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Current Situaion of TGP Telecom

TGP Telecom Australia has a dedicated customer services department with 40 employees working day and night shifts to solve customers’ problems.  The current situation of TGL Telecom is declining due to weaknesses in customer service and customer care positions. Customers often hear that their complaints are not handled more effectively. As an expert, I have been assigned to assess the strengths and weaknesses of customer care personnel and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.

There is much room for improvement due to the current situation, and it is less effective for the organization to gain maximum benefit from their customer service staff.

Weaknesses in Customer Care

The current problems in customer care are serious and need immediate attention. The worst weakness of the customer support department is that many representatives do not avoid talking too much with their colleagues and distract them from doing their work properly. They are also found to give their friends and family favors on calls. Some reps are found to be debating with angry customers which is not beneficial for the organization. Employees often end up arguing with the customers, which leads to their being let down.

Improvements to Situation

  • The most important strength in customer support employees is self-control because they have to deal with and talk to the customers directly on behalf of the company. They must develop the ability to stay calm and control when handling a difficult client. Some customers will call and complain about the services, employers should hire reps who remain calm during their jobs and avoid talking too much with their colleagues.
  • Another strength they can develop is to work hard. It is a skill that no one can teach them, they should seek to help others when there are no calls from clients. Their effort will never be wasted if they show total commitment and hard work.
  • To bring prosperity to the company, the customer care representatives must develop abilities to become team players, and the worker can still rely on other workers to answer questions and get guidance. The strength lies in recognizing the situations in which the employee can work alone.
  • The company may not have the perfect products for the customers, but they have to sell them. Suggesting to customers the benefits of their products may increase the efficiency of customer support and organization. The support team must improve their knowledge about the company’s products and services to accommodate the customer’s needs and make continuous improvements.
  • Rewarding the best employees is a great strategy management should adopt to encourage continuous improvement in their work.

Benefits of Proposal

The above proposal will help the employees to become more efficient and organized in the customer support department. If they follow these instructions, they will be able to boost their careers in the organization. It will also help the organization to achieve its goals.

If the proposal is not implemented, the cost of not implementing this proposal will be a further decline in the organization’s customer care services, which will only result in a loss of profits but valuable clients. The image of the company will become weaker nationwide.

Adopting to Change

Employees put in their maximum effort sometimes that is not enough, they have to work overtime or work harder to accomplish the goal of continuous improvement. When the workload expands, instead of hiring new staff, the employees can do overtime. The employees must realize that the busy season demands more work from them and overtime will be paid to them for extra hours. Fair labor standards regarding overtime will be followed, and each employee will get a break between the extra hours.


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