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Question: What communication skills and experiences (as an individual, a team member, and/or team leader) would you bring to a job?

The greatest benefit of working within a team is that one gets to interact with a diverse set of experiences and skills. Interpersonal communication skills are highly important for team building. At an individual level, I believe that although I have adopted English as a second language, I have worked hard to develop proficient verbal and written communication skills. Additionally, I believe that I am an active listener, and I am quite open to the views and opinions of other people. This openness has always enabled me to effectively resolve conflict and negotiate problems that may arise due to diverse ideas. These skills are beneficial not only at an individual level but also as a team member or a team leader. Valuing the perspectives of other people through the effective use of verbal and nonverbal cues is a skill that I consciously try to practice. Apart from being an effective communicator, I also have a basic knowledge of programming languages and some basic level experience of research in computer science. I have worked as an intern at Barclays and have acquired computer programming certifications. I also joined a Data Science Research and Training Program with Python that piqued my interest in data science and machine learning.

Question: What are the first steps you would take to complete an assignment that required using a programming language, technical skill, or tech concept with which you are unfamiliar?

I believe that any challenge that one faces is an opportunity to learn. As I am still in the process of learning and acquiring new skills, I believe that there would be times when I would come across an assignment that may require skills and concepts that I am unfamiliar with. In the past, I have dealt with such challenges by following a series of steps. The first step in this process is problem identification. Since an assignment would require a combination of skills and expertise, it is important to identify the exact problem one is facing. Correct identification of the problem is important for a smooth resolution of that problem. The second step is gathering information. Discussing the problem with the team members or seeking the expertise of more capable colleagues through discussion can help in brainstorming numerous ideas and solutions. Information can be gathered from other sources as well which include the internet or relevant books. The next step is to try out the solution. It may not necessarily work right away; however, through this process, one may learn about the effectiveness of different solutions. Additionally, this discovery method of researching solutions can equip the team with a bank of ideas that may be useful in future assignments.

Question: What are your career goals? Please describe how you think CTP (Cuny Tech Prep) can help you achieve those goals.

As I aim to establish my career in Computer Sciences, I have set certain short-term and long-term goals for myself. After acquiring my Associate’s Degree in Computer Sciences, I aim to enroll at Columbia University and benefit from their Computer Sciences program. I believe that Cuny Tech Prep can equip me with skills and expertise that would enable me to excel in the field. It would not only help me in learning the current technologies but will also help me in developing the soft skills required for professional dealings. I am highly interested in the curriculum outline of CTP that offers two streams i.e., the use of modern JavaScript and the use of Python. I believe that my pre-existing skills can flourish at CTP under the mentorship of industry professionals as it offers a chance for its students to work in teams and learn the application of tools, concepts, and processes. Student autonomy in proposing, designing, and implementing projects is another positive aspect that interests me. Additionally, the holistic approach of CTP towards professional development makes it one of the best programs in my field. The opportunities of career coaching, mock interviews, crafting technical resumes, and attending workshops by industry professionals would not only help me develop expertise but will also pave way for my career building (CUNY Tech Prep).

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