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Critiquing Research Reports

There is a strict need for specific safety measuring tools to make the lives of older people easier just after their discharge from the hospital. In this regard, a research report has been projected using the tailored education programme in hospitals. The study comprises the various training tools that engage these older people to get trained and to save themselves from falling.

A Pilot research design has been used to evaluate and study all the measures taken by the hospitals and the community. The positive components of this style of assessing the patients provide accurate and correct findings. The study was conducted, and a group of older people was taken from the hospital to engage them in the evaluation programme. They received various videos and written documents for their understanding. Those individuals that have the problem of fear, who perceived by themselves, that they might fall from any place got confident after the due training strategies. They are explicit regarding their perception of self-safety. It is necessary for these old agers that during the time they discharge from their respective hospitals, and get these types of education because they have to be careful, while they are alone at their homes (Hill, Etherton-Beer, & Haines, 2013).

Those who were taken up by the research team responded positively to the change they feel and the safety they realize, to which they were deprived. The collection of the data and the responses made by the participants ensured that the result of the evaluation programme has been successful. These kinds of studies are helpful for older people, who have left the hospital recently. Education or the training of the same could be enlarged to the other communities or the larger group of people so that those individuals could also get benefits.


Hill, A.-M., Etherton-Beer, C., & Haines, T. P. (2013). Tailored education for older patients to facilitate engagement in fall prevention strategies after hospital discharge – a pilot randomized controlled trial. PloS One, 8(5), e63450.



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