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Crimes that Harm Business versus Crimes committed by Business

A corporation involved in crimes such as bribery and environmental destruction is much worse than one with individuals committing crimes that harm the business. A corporation is a big entity with much power in comparison to an individual who possesses little energy, which might result in a quick collapse of the company.

In instances where the company is involved in bad business dealings, most of its resources are channeled in the wrong direction, thus contrasting with the original purpose of starting the company. For example, if a company logs forestry, it harms the environment hugely, leading to more significant loss after the Ozone layer is destroyed. The impact will hit hard since the cutting of the trees is in large quantities, creating deserts.

On the other hand, an individual committing crimes against a business, such as fraud, is a minor case and can be curbed quickly since there are laws set in place for such individuals. An individual involved in crimes against a business entity is likely to engage in petty vices such as thievery of smaller amounts of money since it is an individual move. This is contrary to a situation whereby the company engages in a lousy deal in collaboration with all employees.

Conclusively, both crimes are a threat to society, but one carried by the Corporation is more intense since morally upright persons are attracted quickly by an organization that outrightly deals with such vices. One is probably going to practice something they learn from the big group, such as in their places of work, rather than where vices are done at individual levels. The management has to see good dealings as the core message relayed to the employees. Failure to relay good dealings results in society’s moral decadence in general.


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