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Dear HR Manager:


Your posting on LinkedIn for a leadership position attracted me as I am looking for a position that will polish the most of my directorial know-how while proposing additional chances for personal and professional growth. In interchange, I propose exceptional consideration to detail, vastly developed communication abilities, and an aptitude for handling complex ventures with a demonstrated aptitude to prioritize and multitask. I have a belief that my skills and experience at leadership positions are making me an exceptional applicant for a position in your organization.

Education has always been an imperative feature of my life. During my high school, I was able to take challenging courses, and I also excelled in them. I enjoyed studying subjects that could polish my hidden skills, and I was always able to maintain good grades and academic record. I had also received many scholarships during my college and was able to maintain my score to 3.84. Recently I have completed my MBA program, and I believe that my academic skills that are developed in my master’s degree program will assist me in this position. Moreover, during my research work, while pursuing MBA degree, I was able to effectively manage my time, fulfill academic honesty, and apply critical thinking in all research work. I have developed evidence-based proposals, prioritized responsibilities, followed ethical behavior, and made effective decisions during the MBA program. All these practices have added much towards my professional development.

With the education had also been a keen participant in different social activities. These practices had effectively taught me how to interact with different people and manage them effectively when working on different projects. I also co-founded a student organization, the purpose of which was to enhance the community service. During my working on this project, I polished my leadership and team player skills. I had cultural awareness during my working, and I learned about employee development and how to remain fair and unbiased while dealing with a diverse workforce. Now I want to have a further, full-time position at which I will be able to apply my strong communication and analytical abilities.

My attached resume will also express you that I’ve fabricated my career in different managerial positions in the past. It will demonstrate specific patterns of my leadership and administrative responsibilities. I had directed teams in different projects, and I was excellent in forging working relationships and cooperating with other staff. During my jobs, I had worked and managed different projects that had provided me with such skills that assisted me in tackling different tasks. These had also made me flexible and responsive. Now, I am proficient administrative professional, and you will also find me a good candidate for this position.

I have also worked as Director of Marketing for an International project and availed the opportunity of discovering my potentials further, while at the same time applying my classroom learning to real-world business projects. It was a challenging leadership position, and I successfully directed different projects with major companies. This job assisted me in improving my communication and analytical skills.

My studies and my work experiences have made me proficient in playing my effective ole for the organization while working at the leadership position. I am an enabler and assist people in their working and growth both in their working and their skills development. I discover and pursue opportunities and make them a reality in the business world.

I am especially interested in your esteem organization as working here will further polish my leadership skills, while working in a diverse international environment. I would welcome the opportunity to converse my qualifications and abilities with you in detail. Please consider engaging me in your interview.





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