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Controversial Issues In The Society

Topic 1: Gambling

People differ in gambling. Gambling entails risking a valuable item due to an indeterminate occurrence with hopes of scooping a more worthy return. The heart to gamble lays fun ways of passing the time or winning a greater deal. Gambling is becoming famous worldwide, with some people viewing it as illegal, disrespectful, or violating social norms. Others have lost property worth billions due to the losses incurred, thus viewing it as a way of indirectly robbing people. Nevertheless, others depend on it as a source of income, continuously accumulating property from the venture (Wagenaar 127). Gambling is entertaining and stressful to some extent, and the reason is that gamblers do not consider the probability of winning to be accurate. In such a way, they lack calculated risks. Therefore, gambling is as bad as addiction to drugs. Articles have been written about gambling, people have participated in it, lotteries are everywhere in towns, and also internet sources have a lot of information that can facilitate understanding this debatable issue.

Topic 2: Cloning

People have continuously argued about cloning. Cloning is a process that scientists use to produce biological entities that are genetically identical. Worldwide, people routinely practice it in laboratories. Cloning has raised many ethical issues, more so when prospecting the potential of this technique in human beings. It has conflicted with religious and societal values in regard to the infringement of identity and autonomy (Brown 42). Nevertheless, other people view it as being helpful in the event that a female is infertile, which makes it artificially implanted with an embryo. Cloning is ethical and detrimental due to the uncertainties of science and technology, the harm to the genes, and the possible extinction of a given species. Today, advancements in technology ease research on cloning. There are plenty of articles elaborating on cases of cloned animals today, which can also be of great relevance to this research.

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