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Conservative Vs. Liberal Beliefs

Political science involves several doctrines that affect the people in the country. Professionals identify two major doctrines existing in the current world to show the importance of politics in different situations. The views of such groups in the society change with time and change the main agenda of the community. In this paper, a discussion of the two concepts will be discussed and offer a clear overview of several political views on equality, economic and private property.Liberal policies emphasis on the need to solve challenges. In the arguments, Liberals give priority to supremacy and freedom of the people. The superiority of the human beings matters a lot in their argument. According to (“Conservative Vs. Liberal Beliefs”), individuals with different ethics and beliefs compete.

Contrary, conservatives trust in personal responsibility, free market and individual liberty. The participants in the group rely on the government support to provide citizens with the freedom to pursue private goals. Conservative policies encourage the empowerment of citizens to solve current problems in the State. Politically, conservatives prefer small government. In the legislation, most of the services are offered by the private sector within a free market. The group also argue that government should request small tax and even spend less. In such a sense, the administration creates a balance in the budget. On the other hand, liberals prefer many services and regulations (“Conservative Vs Liberal – Difference And Comparison | Diffen”). Major facilities like free health care act essential in their lives. The economic belief of the liberals states that government should offer many services to the poor people and increase taxes if need be. According to the beliefs of the group, high-income earners ought to pay a greater percentage of tax than lower income earners.

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