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The biggest challenge I see in maintaining relationships with the use of mediated technology is the fact that there are many platforms out there that allow for easy and instant communication but at the same time can also be used to spy on us and our communication. This has caused me to become suspicious of the people I communicate with through digital platforms as I think that these people can gain access to my phone, social media accounts, and other electronic devices to monitor my activities. The malicious representations these people may make online against me can make me feel bad about myself or keep me from doing certain things I want to do. This constant need for transparency and accountability has made me aware of the harmful consequences of using online communication to communicate with others and has made me more cautious about how I handle my online relationships.


My advice to a younger person in a relationship would be that if you want to stay connected with your partner, do not be afraid to use technology to communicate with them but use it in moderation and not overuse it. Always remember that your relationship is not a call-and-text hookup, so you should always communicate in person with your partner rather than using technology to get your point across. However, make sure you also set boundaries about how much time you will spend and what type of conversation you will share with your partner through technology. This will help you thrive in your relationship with your partner in the long run.


Building on Simon Sinek’s argument, I somewhat agree with the notion that technology is harming or hurting interpersonal relationships as modern communication tools and practices are destroying traditional forms of social interaction. This is making people more distant and isolated from one another because people are spending more and more time engaged in digital activity than they are spending in face-to-face conversation. The reason people are increasingly relying on technology and social media to connect with others is contributing to social and cultural isolation rather than creating social bridges between individuals and communities. This is alarming because we are losing something valuable as a society – the opportunity to connect with other humans in person.



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