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Concisely Define The “Examined Life” Refering To Socrates In “Apology.”

According to Socrates, the ‘examined life’ denotes the life in which a person seeks to achieve virtue. It can be taken to relate to all that Socrates worked to achieve when he was doing philosophical work throughout his entire life. Concerning Socrates’ view of the examined life, he claims that the best thing a person can do during his or her life is to talk to others about virtue.

Socrates demands that what such an individual can be working on is doing the great work of identifying society and the lives of people. Though performing these activities, such a person would be said to be trying to figure out the activities that command virtue in society. It is these acts that Socrates translates to mean an ‘examined life.’ An examined life ought to be the one a person constantly examines the society as well as him or herself throughout his life. The main aim would be to ensure that the person and the community try to remain as virtuous as possible.

The Good Life

Concerning Plato’s Socrates, life is held in a manner of preparing to die. The piece denotes that people who possess now have eternal significance. It is argued that a good life is defined as having knowledge, justice in the soul, and being self-disciplined. A variety of definitions tries to define what a good life is. For instance, according to Nietzsche, a good life is one that conforms to enthusiasm. Other views of the good life involve the ancient perspective of life as a chance to enjoy ourselves as we wait to die. The concept is defined as an opportunity for people to make merry, enjoy themselves, and wait to depart the world. Regardless of the many views of the good life, it is possible to settle on a single definition of life. The fact that there exist differences between people, cultures, desires, and aptitudes is similar to getting a concrete definition of the meaning of ‘good life,’ which is unlikely. There is, therefore, a need to explore the different ideas and contrasts between the general approach to good life and other definitions. One of the otherworldly approaches accrues that people are in a world where there is deprivation and suffering. For instance, Plato, the philosopher, claims that the body is an impediment to knowledge and that the body is weak in comparison to the body. Therefore, the soul has the power to rule over the body. The good life must be the ability of the soul to overcome the inclinations of the body. The power to fight the mortal and all its frailties helps fight the desires of the body. For one to lead a good life, he or she must suppress the ego. The major sin of human beings is the sin of pride. For a person to live a good life, the self must be delineated. The separation is possible through altruism and the behavior of self-sacrificing. A person must forget about the pride of being better than others and lead a life of service to other people. Furthermore, for one to claim to lead a good life, he or she must accept the existence of higher things other than the ordinary paltry, fearful, and insecure life. All that matters in a human being is the soul.



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