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Personal presentation is a business card; more precisely, even what your partner will see before you have time to give him a business card. Therefore, I believe if you want the first impression to be favorable, going to a business meeting, carefully think over your outfit. Business meeting or interview can take place in different formats. Now it is increasingly possible to solve any business issue in an informal atmosphere and without observing a strict dress code. I always remember that the most important rule of a business person is the image that should be neat. I avoid frank cutouts, excessively bright colors and use moderate accessories. For example, clothes for a business meeting should be different from the one in which you can go to a presentation, and the suit for negotiations will be completely out of place at a stand-up party on the occasion of the delivery of the project. Deciding what to put on a business meeting, meeting or other event, it is necessary to be guided by certain requirements.

Since I have been nearing a graduation from LeMoyne- Owens College and an applicant for executive position at FedEx facing a tough competition; however, the fact is that this job is also important for me. I therefore, with the help of the developed image technologies, can create an image of myself as an authoritative, confident and successful professional whose external image would correspond to its status and situation taking into account my individual characteristics on this important occasion while meeting with Mr. Smith. For this important meeting of ten minutes I will pay attention to the use of the psychological meaning of color in the professional sphere, determination of my natural color and the selection of the most advantageous colors and shades and color solutions for professional dressing: basic and additional shades for suit, shirt, tie, outerwear, accessories and shoes. Besides all this it is important for me to focus creation of personal rules of professional style because of the successful business appearance (in accordance with my status, sphere of activity and situation). Business-look in accordance with the meeting with Mr. Smith and other 11 applicant demands me high class presentation, so I prefer brand for being successful on this occasion.

I am meeting Mr. Smith for the first time, so he might determines my attitude to the interlocutor in my appearance and manner to keep. Based on these factors, I could be the model of counter-behavior which in most cases allows me to immediately place all the points over in the hierarchy questions. Because according to my appearance, the audience will determine who is in front of them, and how to behave with me.

I will unconsciously project my own personal or collective values into material attributes and brands. It is a way of self-expression: we are a collection of brands: what I wear and what and how I eat. It’s about lifestyle brands that will translate my individual style, the set of values and cultural symbols with which I identify and associates in professional sphere. At a business meeting or negotiations, the task is to demonstrate the ability to communicate and establish contacts, to appear as an authoritative figure in the eyes of the company to which you provide consulting services. Therefore, you should not build an invisible barrier too strict appearance. Each participant contributes to the negotiations, but as a result, a common collective decision must be worked out. Use the meeting as an opportunity to present yourself in a favorable light. Success is a success.

In the business world, the reaction to inappropriate clothing can be very harsh and judgmental. People – especially those in high position – can assume that the quality of your work will not be better than the “quality” of your appearance. Than to strengthen impressions: representative, competent, communicative, and confidential. I believe that my professional dress code should be a tool to attract potential employer. I believe in being strong in the details. Accessories can make even more important impression than a suit that’s why the quality of such items as an expensive pen, glasses with a smart case, an organizer, a folder for papers, a mobile phone should be taken seriously and seriously. Such business accessories attract attention and speak of a sense of taste, serve as a sign of prosperity and an indication that your business is successful, stable and solid.

Finally I would say that this is just the time when the classic style is completely appropriate. It does not matter even if your counterpart is an outrageous young programmer and will meet you on the skateboard and in shorts. In this case, the classic style of clothes will only emphasize your seriousness and focus on work against the backdrop of your business partner, which will give you though not a very big, but still a weighty initial advantage. A classic men’s business suit , good shoes of discreet tones (black, blue, brown), expensive but not invoking accessories is the best choice for a business meeting in the office. A business meeting in a cafe or restaurant does not involve such a strict dress code, like an office meeting; there may be a lot of nuances. For example, if the meeting takes place in hot weather, then it is quite possible to wear a light summer suit and flax, and it is not necessary to wear a tie. So much depends on the type of institution, if the meeting takes place in a youth café, then the suit will be appropriately replaced by a more democratic sweater with a shirt and jeans.

Write about what you would consider high-class personal presentation for the most important occasion and compare and contrast this with what you would consider a low-class presentation. Expected to think of things such as your appearance, hairstyle,clothing,hygiene,accessories,table manners. As well as how you would expect to meet and greet and converse withMr. Smith and other applicants.



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