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Compare And Contrast Between The Books And Movies

Books and movies both have equal importance for the humans of the 21st century. As technology is evolving at a fast pace, the needs of humans have also increased. Everyone’s life has increased quite fast and is busy. Both books and movies provide the best way to escape from this modern-day active lifestyle. The biggest revolution has occurred in the movies and books with the passage of time. Written books and films have some similarities and dissimilarities. Some people discuss that books are far better than films and vice versa.

At present, people regularly read a book or watch movies for entertainment in re-creative time. Since the film was developed, the usage of the book has dropped so dramatically. Some people oppose the idea that movies have an undesirable effect on individuals and society because they mark laziness and disrespect for other people. Others are back-watching movies, calling them more enjoyable and appropriate. However, this is a controversial matter that has been argued a lot in recent times. The first comparison and contrast between books and movies have these five significant points: entertainment values, time consumption, ideas, imagination, and media.

Entertainment values are a portion of an agenda whose objective is to regale or fascinate the spectator’s responsiveness. Books have the power to do that by attracting the reader with precise details. There are certain people who invent books that are more hilarious due to this intention. Numerous people who both read books and watch movies claim that they were frustrated after watching the movie as they had a more significant potential set up when they had read the book. On the other hand, the understanding of the movie is collectively shared with families or friends because films are less inventive.

Time consumption is considered one of the worthwhile topics that have to be discussed. Several people discuss this topic. Understanding a book from cover to cover takes a lot of time; there is no doubt about this: the writing style and the wording take a lot of time to read. Several people like reading books for relaxation purposes. A survey showed that the expected time spent on reading books (in a year) in America from 2002 to 2012 for adults or elders had spent 110 hours a year (Li, Bin, Qiang Yang, and Xiangyang Xue). While movies only take a maximum of 4 hours, such as the movie “Lord of the Rings 3”, the regular interval of a film is between 1.5 to 2 hours. Several people could watch a video rather than read a book, with a claim that it did not take enough time and doesn’t require any effort as well.

Although both movies and books have altered things, they still have certain similarities as well. For example, the ideas of both movies and books share the same central belief. Also, books and films are reflected as foundations of media, as both are the foundations of information and are used for showbiz commitments (Zhu, Yukun, et al.). However, they have contrast at certain points. Books have a habit of concentrating on detailed information, while movies cut out large portions so that the watcher doesn’t give the impression of tiring while watching the movie. Similarly, videos are considered graphical media, while books are printed media.

Imagination plays an essential part in the similarities and contrasts of books and movies. Reading permits us to conceive the condition, situation, charismas and characters. Mostly, imagination is behind every cinema (Zhu, Yukun, et al.). Reading does expand a person’s inventiveness because of creativity, in reading individual’s uses their brain, required hours of attentiveness and concentration levels increases. On the other side, movies give little permission to the watchers with imagination, but they emphasize graphical things.

Movies are a much more exciting and passionate kind of entertainment. It presents a sequence of feelings and actions and brings spectators into the story in a much more energetic way than reading books. Another benefit of watching movies is that individuals increase community proficiency and knowledge. The video can demonstrate civilization and quality or teach an ethical example in life. Films can also offer a collective community experience through which people can attach and communicate with each other.

In the end, it is difficult to conclude which media is better because it depends on the individual’s superiority, behaviour, and even age. Literature is one of the most significant features of social philosophy, but today, the film industry is emerging, and it has been considered that movies offer several benefits to the community. Most older people read books rather than watch movies, while adults and other younger children prefer to watch movies rather than books. Both of these mediums have different ways. However, they provide some similar prospects, such as main ideas. If all books can be renovated into movies, people don’t need to read a book anymore.



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