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Communication Management Plan Essay

In a project, there is a need of a communication management plan as it will ensure that all stages of the project are completely done, and the reporting of a phase of the plan has been adequately done to the stakeholders who are involved in it. So a good communication plan will include communication analysis requirements, communication methods and models, communication matrix, a status report and a change control plan which are discussed in the following headings, and we will follow an example of a restaurant project plan regarding communication management.

Communication Requirement Analysis

Every communication plan is prepared to address some requirements of an individual or a group. So need analysis necessary in this regard. So following requirements are to be addressed by the company regarding communications:

  • The requirements of the sender as these are correctly met.
  • The requirements of the receiver as these are correctly met.
  • The right kind of communication channel has been used.

So in the light of above three communication requirements, a restaurant project will have to set its requirements which are exhibited in the following table.

Communication Requirement Stakeholder Medium
Customer Queries Sales Department Letter/Email/Social Media
Supplier Orders Procurement Letter/Email/Social Media
Disputes Management CRM Letter/Email/Social Media


Communication Methods and Models

Communication methods which are used by an organization can be either downward, upward, lateral or horizontal, depending on the nature of message which is to be deployed so one should be concerned about the communication methodology which is being applied and used in the process.

Communication Matrix

Communication matrix which will be used for this purpose is as follows and it is prepared in the context of a restaurant.

Customer     Letter/Email/Social Media To respond customer query. As per the communication pattern Letter/Email/Social Media What is the message Requirement & deadline
Manager Letter/Email/Social Media To communicate with employees. As per the communication pattern Letter/Email/Social Media What is the message Requirement & deadline
Accountant Letter/Email/Social Media To calculate the profits of the business. As per the communication pattern Letter/Email/Social Media What is the message Requirement & deadline

Status Report

The status report will explain the progress of the project from the start till the end and will highlight the milestones of the project. So the major component of a status report will include:

Component Description
Introduction This part will include a formal briefing of the project that what it is all about.
Status of Project It will explain what is the speed of a project is?
Milestones The parts of the project which have been completed.
Lessons Learnt The bottlenecks which have been faced in this process.
Conclusion A favorable end to the project communication plan.

Change Control Plan

The change control plan will highlight the changes which are required in the change management process in this regard. So a change control plan has the following format:

Change Requested By Change Requested Request Date Reviewed By Priority Impact
The person is asking for change. The nature of the change to be made. Date on which request is placed. The manager is reviewing it. High/Medium/Low High/Medium/Low




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