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Communication in an Intercultural Space

Communication is use of speech, writing or other appropriate media to exchange or impact information. Thus, according to (, n.d), communication in an intercultural space requires an individual to have the skills as well as the understanding of the competent and appropriate communication skills for working with people from other cultures such as the aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community. Having the appropriate skills and the understanding required for proper communication with other cultures would need and individual to be conscious of verbal and the non verbal communication differences.

Moreover, proper communication with people from other cultures requires that one understands that they are sharing information across diverse cultural groups as well as social groups. Therefore, it is significant to appreciate the difference in the cultural and the linguistic features of these interactions. In addition, communication in an intercultural space requires one to have an approach which recognizes both the high and the low context cultures (, n.d). This can be related to the value placed on the direct and the indirect modes of communications. Hence, an individual should be able to recognize miscommunication and work on this miscommunication so as to achieve proper communication.

The communication in an intercultural space necessitate that a person understands that communication breakdown comes with serious consequences (, n.d). In that regard, an individual should learn how to interview those they are communicating to in a manner that is culturally appropriate and also know how to obtain an effectual case study. By examining the past interactions with different professionals one can identify the diverse strengths as well as weaknesses which would be helpful in development of a perfect case from these imperfect cases.

References (n.d). Communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Retrieved 23 March 2018 from



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