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Common Title Issues and How a Title Insurance Agency Can Help Resolve Them

Buying a property can be complex, especially for first-time buyers. One essential aspect that cannot be overlooked is the title to the property. A clear title is essential for a smooth transaction and future ownership. However, title issues can sometimes arise, potentially leading to disputes and complications. This article will discuss some common title issues and explain how a title insurance agency can help resolve them.

What is a Title, and Why is it Important?

A title is a legal document that establishes the rights of ownership to a property. It includes the property’s history, including past ownership, liens, easements, and other encumbrances. A clear title is essential for the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. It ensures the buyer can legally own the property without any disputes or future complications and protects the seller from potential legal issues.

Common Title Issues

 Errors in Public Records

Sometimes, errors or omissions in public records can cause problems with the title. These errors can be due to several reasons, such as clerical mistakes, incorrect legal descriptions of the property, or even fraud. When such errors are discovered, they must be corrected before the transaction can proceed.

Unknown Liens

A lien is a legal claim on a property as collateral for a debt. If the property’s previous owner had unpaid debts, such as taxes, contractor fees, or mortgages, the creditor might have placed a lien on the property. These liens must be resolved before the title can be transferred to the new owner.

Missing Heirs or Undiscovered Wills

When property owners die, their property may be transferred to their heirs or beneficiaries according to their will. However, in some cases, an unknown or missing heir may come forward after the property has been sold, or an undiscovered will may be found that contradicts the known will. These situations can lead to disputes over the rightful owner of the property.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can arise when the property’s legal description or survey is inaccurate, leading to confusion about the property’s actual boundaries. Disputes may also occur if neighboring property owners have conflicting claims to a shared boundary. Resolving boundary disputes is essential to ensure the new owner has a clear title to the property.

Easements and Encroachments

Easements are rights granted to another party to use a portion of the property for a specific purpose, such as access to a neighboring property or utility lines. Encroachments occur when a structure or improvement, such as a fence or shed, extends onto a neighboring property. Both easements and encroachments can impact the value and usability of the property and may need to be resolved before the title can be transferred.

How a Title Agency Can Help

A title agency is crucial in resolving title issues and ensuring a smooth real estate transaction. Here’s how they can help:

Title Search and Examination

A title agency conducts a thorough search and examination of public records to identify any potential title issues. Identifying these issues early can be resolved before the transaction is completed.

Providing Title Insurance

Title insurance is a policy that protects the buyer and lender from losses due to defects in the title. If a title issue arises after the transaction is completed, the agency will defend the buyer’s rights to the property and cover the costs of resolving the issue.

Escrow Services

Title agencies often provide escrow services, acting as a neutral third party that holds funds and documents until the transaction is complete. This ensures that all parties fulfill their obligations and that funds and documents are exchanged only when all conditions are met.

Legal Expertise and Support

Title insurance agencies have legal experts on their teams who can help identify, address, and resolve title issues. Their knowledge of real estate law enables them to navigate complex situations and provide valuable guidance throughout the process.

Coordination and Communication

A title insurance agency acts as a coordinator between the buyer, seller, lender, and other parties involved in the transaction. They ensure that all necessary documents are prepared, signed, and recorded, and they communicate with all parties to keep the process moving forward.


Title issues can be a major stumbling block in the property-buying process. Buyers can protect their investments and ensure a smooth transaction by understanding the common title issues and enlisting the help of title insurance agencies. Title agencies are crucial in resolving title issues, providing title insurance, offering escrow services, and lending their legal expertise. With the agency’s support, buyers can confidently move forward with their real estate transactions, knowing their rights to the property are secure.



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