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CIC Hiring Process Analysis

A hiring system should be one that saves time and has a high rate of efficiency if it is designed to be used in a consulting company. The new hiring system will bring all these benefits. According to the business strategy statement, the company needs is to employ professional employees at the shortest time possible who will give quality services to the clients.

The new hiring system will help the company get qualified candidates from every corner of the earth in the shortest time possible. This means that the system will help the CIC Company get highly qualified candidates, hence being highly competitive in a way that other consulting companies can’t afford the CIC level.

The new hiring system will bring along more merits than the manual system. A recruiter will be able to get emails from their site, Gmail, or any online platform, analyze and check the applications, and give responses using similar means. The person to be recruited will be notified by the online platform used if he/she gets the feedback. The best point is anyone can apply wherever one is, provided he/she knows the CIC websites and there is an internet connection. The people to be recruited won’t waste lots of time waiting. Paperwork will also be reduced, and stress on interviews will be minimal since it can be done online. Everything will be simplified.

As-Is Process Responsible CIC Position To-Be Process. How the System Will Support the New Process Business Benefits of Improved Process
The recruiter receives an application from the job hunter via postal service mail.l Recruiter The recruiter receives an application online by using the CIC employment websites or email and stores it in the database. More efficient submission process decreases the time needed to receive and begin processing applications. It will present a positive image to potential employees and help in being competitive.
Matching the applications with the matching job positions. Recruiter The system has already been instructed to arrange the application in the database as per the position. The time needed to retrieve the documents will be highly reduced, hence making the whole process efficient.
Screening resumes Hiring staffs There would be no paperwork. The screening will be online, using computers or other devices. Well-managed documents make it easy for the staff to check and screen the resumes.
Scheduling interviews Human Resource representatives The new system will send the interview dates to the shortlisted candidates via the CIC employment website or email. The issue here is speed. Applicants will receive the dates immediately after screening, and the turned-down applicants will also be notified.
interviews committee Can be done online or physically. Depending on how the management wants. Online would save time. It can be in form of texts or video call. Online interviews are fast, time and cost-saving.
Potential employee assessment of talents Hiring manager The manager will screen the talents from the systems as quickly as possible and see if they match.h All applicants’ talents are well displayed in the system making it simple for the manager to choose the best.
Background check IT, hiring staff The system will help capture the applicant’s Twitter and other social media names for checking. The system has a social media API; hence, it is fast to check the applicant’s background.
decision management The decision will be simple to make because all the details will be grouped, and the work will be done by choosing the one with the best qualifications. The decision-making process is simplified.
Checking of reference Hiring staff, HR The system captures all the references gathered in the database, hence making it easy for the HR department to retrieve them. The system will ease the work in the HR department since the coordination between the department and the hiring staff will be fast.
Job details management The system sends the job details, mostly the pay, to the chosen candidate, who, if interested, replies using the website. The job details, which are only shown to the potential employee, are easily communicated to the applicant.
hiring management The management gets the replies from the system using the website. The system is fast, making decision-making easy.
Ted prepares an offer letter on information from the recruiter and puts it in the mail to the chosen candidate. Administrative assistant Prepares job offer letter by selecting information needed for a specific candidate. The system completes the template with stored information and Ted reviews and emails to the candidate. A more efficient offer process presents a positive image to applicants.

(Villani, 2016)

There are merits that will come with the new hiring system. All areas in the Company will be affected by the benefits of the system. The table below explains the benefits in some areas.

Area Current Issues Improvements
Collaboration Some departments have a workload when hiring compared to others. If recruiters fail, the whole process fails. The system has been integrated with the new technology. Every department has its own work, which is well grouped by the system.
Communications Delayed communication between the departments and the job applicants. The mode of communication is electronic. Emails are faster than postal mail. The applicants and the recruiters will get the responses faster, hence improving communication.
Workflow The workflow is not well structured. There are conflicts in departments. Some departments are slower than the others, some have workload compared to others hence limiting the hiring process speed. The new hiring system gives an environment where both parties involved in the hiring process can easily send documents and feedbacks within a short time making the workflow fast and simple.
Relationships Applicants become impatient due to the time is taken to reply the letters they send. Not all applicants can apply considering locations. The time taken for the replies will be short. It will make the applicants happy and have the interest to work in an institution where things are well coordinated.

(Van, 2016)

In conclusion, the new system will bring good workflow to the company. Speed and efficiency will be promoted. The manual system should be kept aside if the Company wants to get the best and most qualified employees in the Company.


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