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Church And State Debate

There have been historical and political debates and church and state conflicts. This is revealed in the scenario of Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV, as well as in the contradiction of the Warrior Pope. Therefore, the paper below is a debate on the actual discussion among these religious leaders and the state using Pope Gregory versus Henry IV and Warrior Pope as our example.

Pope Julius II, the Warrior Pope

Pope Julius is referred to as a warrior pope for his act of military defending the church and its land. Although the pope made it to claim the property using the papal armies, no rule stated the pope had power over land distribution. Therefore, using war to claim the ground back lost the religious reputation of the church. Thus, according to my point of view, popes are not allowed to use conflicts to take even the rightful since there will be a commitment of murder in the process, yet the bible is against it.

Pope Gregory Versus Henry IV’s

This is the conflict, which is referred to as a war between popes and kings. The cause of the conflict was Hennery Iv, who became the king while young, and Pope Gregory started reforms of the church, hence reasserting the dominion of the church over imperial rulers. This was a disagreement on the person who was responsible for appointing church leaders. The pope was against the practice because the young king was illiterate and lacked the skills. On the other hand, Henry IV opposed the reforms of the pope, for he referred to himself as the Holy King of Rome. The struggle between the church and the government arose due to each group following the opinion of their leaders, who claimed it was their duty to appoint church leaders then. I think the king was against the will of the common people since this was a religious issue, yet he was not the pope.

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