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Christianity during Roman Peace

Roman Peace, as the name suggests, is an era of history characterized by a long period of peace and serenity enjoyed by the Roman Empire. This reign of peace began with Ceasar Augustus, approximately in 27 BC, and survived till Ceasar Aurelius in AD 180.  This interval is more popularly known as ‘Pax Romana.’ It coincides with the span of the Holy Christ. During this period, Christianity experienced tranquillity as well as unity.

During this period, the Roman Empire had disengaged from war and conflict. This situation provided Christianity with the environment needed to flourish and spread. In fact, the spread of religion during this period was less due to divine intercessions by the Almighty. Instead, the message of Christ was borne out by ordinary Christians who were never found wanting in religious zeal and devotion. They used all possible means to access distant and far-off destinations in order to enlighten darkened souls with the holy message.

This missionary zeal was also facilitated by the socio-political and economic development during this period. A well-connected communications network of roads enabled faster and more comfortable travel. Authorities were hard on bandits and highwaymen while the Mediterranean Sea experienced relief from pirates. Therefore, Christians could live in safety and spread their message without fear.

Trade was another important factor that expedited the spread of Christianity during Pax Romana. The relative peace and tranquillity meant that commerce boomed during this time. Cities simmered with merchants, exchanging not only goods but also the newly acquired ideology of Christianity. Moreover, Greek had become the lingua franca of the Roman Empire by this time. Thus, this enabled the message of Christianity to be spread in a single language, common to all and understood by everyone. The authorities were also more forthcoming on religious freedom and did not suppress the activities of Christians trying to spread the word of God.

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