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Choosing A Salvation Way Of Life Is A Personal Choice But Not A Choice Other People Force An Individual To Make.

Christians believe in God as the creator of the universe and everything that is under the sun. Also, there is the belief in Jesus Christ as the son of God who came on earth to save the whole world from sins and added values to the Ten Commandments that were created in the Old Testament. Therefore, a faithful Christian is an individual who has chosen the salvation way of life, and he strongly believes in the existence of God and Jesus Christ, and he believes in what they did and what they are doing. According to the article by Langston Hughes, Langston visited a revival session in his Auntie Reed’s church without full knowledge of salvation.

It is important to anyone being introduced to a new environment to be taught the basic activities there, the way things happen there, and the importance of that environment to his personal life. This gives the individual full information about what he is going to achieve in that environment. Langston luck information about salvation, therefore he based on the statement from his aunt that when he gets saved, he will feel, hear and see Jesus in his soul. Therefore, Langston waited to feel, hear, and see Jesus to be saved. It was not possible until he was ashamed and forced to pretend that he had seen Jesus so that he should be saved. It happened because he was the only one left in the whole congregation in the church who was not saved, and everything stopped waiting for his decision.

The feeling of the individual about salvation is different. Therefore, every individual should be given time to learn ways of salvation and avail themselves of Jesus Christ. During the revival in the church, many of the children were saved, but the question is, do they know what salvation is? Or they did it to make congregation and church leaders happy, like what Langston and his friend Westley did. It is wrong to be saved because of others.

Therefore, salvation is the personal belief in the ways of Jesus Christ. It is believed from your soul, not from other people’s souls. Thus, being saved is the transformation from a sinful life to a salvation life, and it is a decision that is made individually after being inspired by good in salvation. However, those who are forced to be saved can easily backslide.



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