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Cholo Haircut Style background and Cholo community traits

Cholo style is a haircut style associated with Hispanic gangsters typically from southern California. The style spread to the Bay Area, Texas, and southern Florida regions. Other regions like Colorado and New Mexico assimilated the Cholo style and started shaving. Popular Cholos include Lil Rob Down and Vato Loco.

Cholo feminine makes chola, which defines a teenage practicing Mexican gang subculture. The term Cholo is used disparagingly because it originates from the traditional Spanish and Mexican culture, which means marginalization. The cholo culture began from barrio a street of gangs around South California. During the 21st century, some stylistic elements grew and gained popularity among pop stars and clothing manufacturers for consumption by a large group of youths.

Cholo style entails characteristic demeanor, makeup, clothing, speech patterns, tattoos, hand signals, and graffiti. Many people embraced cholo style and appreciated it as a matter of pride among the American Latinos. The subculture grew to different places and incorporated traditional plaid button-down shirts. Other clothing like starter jackets, hush puppies, and textured black bomber jackets are slim joggers. The utilization practice expresses specific characteristics. Notable features of cholo people might include low socioeconomic status and marginalized acculturation. Others express problems in learning institutions. Some cholo people require cultural support and protection.

Most of the cholo persons observe different values in their lives. According to (sgdbsdbfd), cholo people observe loyalty, respect among themselves, and honor. Furthermore, they protect their territory. Such values encourage their lives and influence their decision to do their things in the community. Cholo subculture accepts craziness and criminal activities that entail fighting. Individuals registered under cholo community face the advanced risk of falling into drug abuse. Additionally, others engage in tobacco smoking at early stages. The precursors of the cholo culture were pachucos who were Mexican American teens belonging to the bunch of criminals of 1930 and 1950. The teens were called zoop suiters because of their unique dress style. They dressed in baggy and high-waisted trousers buffeted at the ankles. The trousers were wide and long. On the other hand, they wore a wide-shouldered sports coat. Moreover, cholo’s were easily identifiable because of their ducktail hairstyle. They also wore long, attractive chains, and tattoos on their hands implied characteristics of a cholo member. Many people remember cholo for the 1943 conflict in East Los Angeles. They use the Cholo slang, which is a mix of English and Spanish words.

Cholo developed several elements and got established in the society. Firstly, cholo culture is incorporated into the music. Musicians incorporated street cred that had sections of hip-hop and cholo styles. The artists express the cholo slang that means gangster style emanating from East Los Angeles. The street-tough appearance and a composite oversized T-shirt expresses elements of cholo in the music industry. Most hip-hop musicians incorporate cholo wear in the industry. As (fvdsvdf) depicts, some artists wore a visored cap and pastel-tinted rosary. External characteristics linked with cholo community involved the use of enhanced bicycles and low, streamlined trick bikes. The incorporation of such elements in the music facilitated the spread of cholo culture to many hip-hop lovers.

Another element associated with cholo community is their characteristic dress. The cholo people own their specific shirts and jackets. They dress in flannel shirts and plaid button-down jackets. If one needs to join the subculture, purchasing the flannel Pendleton shirt is advisable. It should cover the plain tee shirt. Secondly, members of the community button their shirts only at first and the second button on every button. It is possible to dress in the shirt open. The neck collar needs to be flattened. It is possible to dress in an open-neck collar that has a crush like a blazer. The shirt needs to be creased, fresh, and crisp all the time. The wear should match the dickies and shoes. During the winter, cholo people wear a plaid flannel jacket or poncho.

Another significant element of cholo is the tattoos. Cholos are known for their distinctive tattoos. Both religious and non-believers observe the tattoos on their hands. Most of the cholo people write their last name on their torso or harms. However, the tummy, biceps, and back are excellent places to place a tattoo. Another famous tattoo appears near the eye. Three dots in hand characterize a significant feature of the cholo members.

Leaning like cholo is also another element of cholo community. Most of the cholo people own individual way of booging to their music. Some individuals face it hard to dance, but it is possible to lean like a cholo. The thought of bending like a cholo grew when Kilo’s 2007 song developed the “Lean Like a Cholo”. Despite the fact that the song messages a fun lifestyle, The song talks about the idea of learning like a cholo; a stance one can take when in a club. Most individuals use the cholo stances when hanging out or even when trying to catch up with girls. When practicing to lean like a cholo, you should learn to put fists together and elbows out. Additionally, one should tilt the body back and forth from one side to another. Such elements and descriptions explain the culture of cholo subculture and their behavior.



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