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Chesapeake IT firm analysis


The world is becoming a global village as time progresses. There is a need for the availability of an IT company that gives both IT services and software to clients. That’s where the Chesapeake IT firm plays its role. The CIC firm is an IT consultant and software production company. It has professional employees who have been recruited from all over the world. Since it’s a service industry, there is a need to have qualified candidates at a faster rate. That’s why the company has a system that is advanced and involved in the hiring process, among other responsibilities. One of the system’s responsibilities is to hire excellent candidates from all over the world to provide excellent services. The company is, therefore, equipped with professional employees who deliver the best services to its clients.

History and Size

CIC Company was founded in 1990 by Tony Chris, who is still the CEO (Scott, 2017). The main aim of the company is to provide IT-related services to companies all over the world. The Company understands that to beat its competitors, it had to acquire a new hiring system that can be used to recruit professional individuals from all over the world. The company is one of the leading IT consulting firms in the world. However, the competition over the years was tough, but after the company came up with new advanced systems like the advanced hiring systems, the competition was reduced to the point of being eliminated. To be a unique IT firm in the world, the company needs to have new advanced systems to be on the right track.

The Company size has been increasing for years. It was started in the US, and to date, it serves other countries in the world. It is run by the Board of Directors, which is headed by Prof Kennedy. There are very many employees since it’s an international company. Each branch has its own management with employees ranging from 20 to 50.

Organization Strategy

The CIC company has advanced systems and qualified employees who give quality services to its clients (Ossai et al. 2017). The business strategy of the company is to provide excellent services to customers by hiring qualified employees over a short period of time. That’s why they also have an advanced hiring system where candidates can apply for jobs and hold online interviews while in any comfort. They have developers who are up to date developing new systems and applications for their clients. There are all kinds of developers in the Company. There are website developers and designers, mobile application developers, backend developers, front-end developers, python developers, and full-stack developers. They also have security engineers who give services to clients on how to make their systems secure away from cyber-attacks. The management ensures that everything runs smoothly.


Competition is a must-have activity experienced by any growing business (Hamilton, 2015). With the advanced hiring system, the people employed will be highly qualified people from all over the world. The rate of hiring using this system will be very fast; hence, there will be minimal delays. People who are highly trained need immediate feedback since they are also in demand. Since the system will enable the CIC to achieve all that, they will be getting highly qualified candidates who will, in turn, provide quality services to the clients, making the company the best in the market, hence reducing competition.

There are very many IT firms in the world. For such a company to thrive in this field, they have to be unique. The Company makes sure its developers and engineers get an education from leading IT-certified schools even when at work to help them get more from the new inventions. The company also nurtures young people who have a passion for IT and makes them great developers. With this kind of employee offering quality services, their clients spread the news to other clients, hence winning very big contracts.

Objectives and Goals

Goals Objectives Explanations
Increase the growth of the company by winning more contracts. To employ qualified candidates who can provide the best services and win more clients. The new hiring system will give candidates opportunities all over the world. It will be easier since people will apply online at their comfort. The Company will also reply back to candidates as soon as possible.
To be internationally known as the best IT consultants. By providing the best services to clients, it is recognized worldwide.
To be a Company that has the best qualified IT professionals who can give excellent services to the client By having a hiring system that is developed according to the new technology.
Be the top of the competition among the best IT consultant firms. Giving extraordinary services to clients hence winning our customer’s trust who will sell the company image to the world.

(Siegel et al. 2016)

Organization Structure

The hierarchy in this organization is a tall type of hierarchy. The flow is from the top management to employees in the lower levels. The CEO is the head of all operations in a country. The chain of command comes all the way from the top. Then, the command is passed to its relevant field. Various departments are included in the company. There are the human resource, technical, production, and finance departments. All these departments are headed by a department manager. The manager controls all the employees in each department. He/she reports back to the CEO of the company about all the processes under the department.

There are different staff members in the various departments. Each staff under each department has his/her own line of work. Accountants prepare financial reports, and human resources are responsible for the good relationship between the employees, while the technical and production departments are the developers who are there to give consultant services to customers and develop systems for sale and for the Company.


As indicated earlier, Chris was the founder and still the CEO. He owns the largest shares in the company (56%) (Herrmann et al. 2018). There are other co-founders who are part of the Board of Directors. The company is a public limited company that has both the certificate of incorporation and trade.

SWOT analysis is a technique for all corporations or businesses. S which stands for strength shows what the Company is able to do. W for weaknesses indicates what the company is struggling to attain. O for opportunities which are available in the outside environment while T is the threats that the company faces externally.

PEST is also a common analysis, mostly in the marketing field (Davis et al. 2017). P for the political environment, which affects the running of the firm in terms of licenses and peace in different parts of the region. E for economics involves the competitive environment and the growth of a certain place. S stands for socio-cultural factors affecting the business, the way people believe about a certain commodity produced by the company. T stands for technology. Bearing in mind that this is an IT company, a change in technology can affect the firm’s running.

In conclusion, CIC Company is one of the best IT consultant firms in the world (Davis et al. 2017). Though it’s one of the companies in the IT field, there are challenges, which include competition from other well-developed IT firms. Their employees have to be up to date when new inventions come to the market to help in reducing competition. The merit is that they employ qualified and professional employees to do the work. To solve the competition issue, the company should ensure they deliver quality services to clients.


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