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The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.


Introduction White supremacy is known as a racist ideology based upon the superiority of one race over another race. This belief came into white people who think of them as superior to other people who are not white and therefore the dominance goes to white people over others. There are several other movements which are based on similar ideas, including Nazism which opposes the members of Jews, and Neo-Nazism opposes

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Tattoos are marks made onto the body for different purposes depending on the person interested in getting tattooed. These marks may either be for: entertainment or religious purposes or even for reasons only known to the people under scrutiny.

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Comparison of Richard III and Henry V

Richard III and Henry V are two well-known plays written by William Shakespeare. Both the plays explain the different features of the kings in the form of characters of Richard III and Henry V. the characters of Richard III and Henry V successfully highlight the two different personalities in the form of kings who come up with the form of power and supposed to have the throne of United Kingdom.

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The world’s most famous people

Abstract A famous individual can be an immortal, celebrity, influential or important person whose actions and opinion have a strong influence on the course of events. An individual who is considered to be famous works hard to enact change for the better or even worse (Driessens, 2014). The person has a greater impact on society based on his/ her work, both intentionally or unintentionally

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Couching Essay

Do not live according to the standards of this world but let God change your ways of thinking. Then he will teach you how to do his will- Romans 12:2, KJV. I have always tried to figure out the essential characteristics of a good coach and how they impact the coaching relationship (Stoltz us, 2005). I have realized that this is characteristics which we only possess when only God is

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