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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values.


Emotional and social development is the child’s ability to know the feelings of other people, being able to control them as well as behaviours and building relationships with the adults. Treating children in a certain way helps them know who they are. A good relationship filled with love offer young children more sense of safety, confidence, and comfort. The following are activities that are crucial in supporting children’s social and

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Article Review on Arts Education

Introduction The article review will major on the topic arts and education futures. Education is an ongoing process, and people think that school is getting a certificate and becoming contented with it. Every day in life one learns something different that one didn’t have even a clue. For one to learn, a classroom is not a mandatory requirement. Learning is everywhere, at work, at the streets, at home, school, while

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Gender Inequality Essay

Egregious gender-inequality still occurs worldwide regardless of considerable nationwide and global events that have been made to the gender equality. Just four countries out of around 135 countries have attained gender-equality. These nations are Cuba, Costa Rica, Norway and Sweden. Middle East country of Yemen was termed as the lowermost in every dimension. Methods of measuring gender-equality comprise of the access to basic learning, healthiness, and life-expectancy, political-empowerment and equality

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Should children under 12 years old have access to internet?

A child must never distinguish further than his mother or father to know about the use of the internet. One must know about the similar.  If a person is considering to blockage the adult-based sites or the websites that contain aggressive linguistic, it won’t do to anyone some good if one’s child knows the habits to move about the parental-controls that one might sets.  That is the reason that why

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Teaching Job Description Essay

Teaching is the finest and the best job in the World. A teacher enjoys each moment of his job. Although this job has some ups and downs, however, in general, its satisfying job when a teacher helps students to pass the school with good marks and the teacher knows that they have a bright future.

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The Principal difference between early and more recent children’s literature is the emergence of a poetics of children’s literature. Do you agree? Discuss

Introduction As a consequence of culture’s notion of childhood, children’s literature, dissimilar to that of adult literature, was deliberated a significant vehicle for attaining firm goals in the teaching of children. This trust, though, expected that literary culture might not acknowledge children’s literature as taking a rank equivalent to that of an adult literature; therefore, children’s literature has grieved from a mediocre rank in the literary poly-system[1]. The Notion of

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The central role of teacher education in the successful integration of digital technology into the classroom

One vital causal factor that is manipulating teachers’ acceptance of digital technology is the quantity and excellence of the modern technology involvements comprised in their pre-service teacher’s education programmers. To make pre-service educators for active modern technology incorporation, educators and teachers are required to support their students and teachers in structuring awareness of active educational experiences, efficient services, and gratified information, furthermore to develop their sympathetic of how these ideas

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Curriculum in Education System and its Types

What is meant by the term curriculum? [100 words] The curriculum is the total guided educational system that is designed to simplify learners so that they can learn for launching an excellent connection between what is learned in the school and what functions outside the school. The curriculum is the combination of many training courses that are arranged in a specific sequence. It is an integrated course that teaches academic

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