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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values.

Revealing Theme in ‘A Wall of Fire Rising’

Almost all literary pieces of creation by authors have a central theme incorporated in the writing lines that depict society, societal values, and norms adorned with the elements of hope, joy or grief. It is pertinent to mention that such a theme is woven into such writings in a particular manner determined by the author. The author leaves the central theme’s disclosure and absorption on the reader’s thinking waves. The

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The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X

The world knows very few people whose life story continues to fascinate people across the globe after their assassination or death. Malcolm X is one of them whose message, even after fifty-five years of his assassination, has been taken seriously by the young Muslims to learn how to engage with the real and perceived injustices in society. The name Malcolm X is identified as a remarkable figure, revolutionary human rights

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Colonialism and Racism in Joseph Conrad’s infamous novella, “Heart of Darkness”, and an American animated movie Lilo & Stitch

A social theory which is directed concerning the transformation and critique of the society as a whole is regarded as a critical theory. It presents a contrast from other traditional theories that merely seek to understand and explain the social phenomenon (Crossman). As a critique of society, postcolonial and critical race theories emerged within the context of racial oppression. This essay aims to identify the elements of colonialism and racism

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Sustainable Public Transportation in Our Society

The term “sustainable transportation” refers to an affordable mode of transport that is energy-efficient and has zero carbon emissions. This mode of transportation includes electric and alternative-fuel transport which promotes zero reliance of public transportation options on foreign sources such as fuel. Other benefits of sustainable public transportation in the United States include zero carbon emissions, affordable transportation for all Americans, and enhanced energy security. This also enhances job creation,

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Informative Speech’s Outline on the Importance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Topic: The Importance of Martin Luther King Jr. General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in the history of the United States. Thesis: Martin Luther King is a significant inspiration and a civil rights leader in the history of the United States Civil Rights Movement. Introduction Attention Getter: My mother called me a few months ago

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The Importance, Impact, and Major Trends of Education, Religion, and Family in the society and culture of the United States in the 21st century

Education, Religion and Family Education, religion, and family are three important pillars of society. Education is a process by which one learns to read, write, and think critically. Religion is a belief system that creates a sense of community and morality. Family structures provide structure, support, and guidance in life. This brief research essay discusses the importance, impact, and major trends of education, religion, and family in the society and

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Literary Analysis of the Prodigal Son

Introduction In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are many distinct modes through which the text exhibits the basic morals with the help of prophecy, narratives, apocalyptic literature, and poetry. Of all the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels, the most common is the parable that is aimed to demonstrate a lesson with the help of a comparison and contrast story having elements of fiction in it. “The

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How ESL Resources are Designed For Success

Encouraging inclusive learning environments is essential for successful English education in today’s diverse and connected world. EngHub, an innovative e-learning startup, is at the forefront of this mission, empowering English teachers worldwide with its inclusive learning approach. EngHub, a Ukrainian-based platform, provides a comprehensive English learning experience, leveraging its founders’ language acquisition background to transcend cultural boundaries and offer free ESL materials for global educators. Every aspect of EngHub’s world

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The Advantages of Home Tutoring in Cumbria

In the picturesque region of Cumbria, home tutoring is emerging as a pivotal educational approach, offering a myriad of benefits tailored to the unique needs of its learners. Let’s explore why home tutoring in Cumbria is gaining traction. 1. Customized Learning Tailored to Individual Needs Home tutoring in Cumbria stands out for its ability to offer bespoke educational experiences. Tutors can adapt their teaching methods to align with the individual

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Position Paper for Knoxville’s Red Summer 1919

Most historical events have brutal and bleak perspectives, long-lasting cruelties, and bitter impacts. Similar episodes have been depicted in the two videos under consideration, i.e., Knoxville’s Red Summer 1919(Knoxville’s Red Summer) and Race Riot in Columbia, Tennessee, Feb. 25-27: Mink Slide(Race Riot in Columbia, Tennessee February 25-27 1946). Both videos accurately depict racial riots and insurrections that sprouted in different historical decades in Tennessee. These two incidents have numerous differences

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Identify Three Goals for Your Education Career at Colorado Christian University

A goal is the object of a person’s aim, effort, ambition, or desired result, which he pursues to excel in every field of his life. Every person has several goals to achieve at different times in his life. Indeed, a life without a goal is like a fleet sailing without a destination. Therefore, I had a lifetime goal when I first came to CCU: to pursue a bachelor’s degree in

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An American Sunrise – Ongoing Fight for Native Americans’ Sovereignty

“An American Sunrise” written by an ingenious poet Joy Harjo, dates to the hope that Native American culture has not died out rather people like Harjo continue to fight their ancestors’ battles in modern-day society and the culture is still thriving. Despite the destruction and oppression of Native Americans, they still assimilated into society. Harjo in this piece revisits what her people lost and endured and has a lingering feeling

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The American Government: The Engine of Public Policy

Public Policy: The comprehensive mechanism by which public representatives institute a proposal of various elements, including multiple laws, different regulations, guidelines and related actions to identify, address and solve a particular real-world issue in the general public’s best interest, is usually termed as public policy. Society’s welfare is mainly dependent upon public policy as it requires identifying and defining a problem, setting objectives to resolve it, and executing the policy

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Respond to the episode of the “WorkLife with Adam Grant” podcast entitled “The Problem with All-Stars”

Response Paper | (Podcast) The primary source that I will be responding to in this article is the episode of the “WorkLife with Adam Grant” podcast entitled “The Problem with All-Stars”. Adam Grant in this episode talks with Shane Battier about how having a complete “All-Stars” squad may be disastrous and the traits that go into forming a superstars’ squad of “too many chiefs” might wind up being a nightmare.

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‘An American Sunrise’ by Joy Harjo

Characterized by lengthy sentences, compactness and message intensity, the poem ‘An American Sunrise’ is a marvellous piece of prose creation. It is fifteen lines paragraphed poem in which the text acquires the shape of verse adorned with multiple poetry devices. However, this short piece of writing explores the sounds and sights of this poem, its actual speakers, and the central message delivered to the reader. As far as the sights

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Child Developmental Theories

Jimmy and Hanna, twin siblings live in a beautiful house right next to my door and are my closest friends, too. We used to go to school and often play in an adjacent park to our houses. They belong to a well-established family but I sometimes have observed their emotional disturbance. They hesitate while interacting with other children in the neighborhood as dysfunctional families do not allow for emotions to

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An Annoying Classmate

Part One.  Identifying and Framing the Problem: Without friends, to make life worthwhile, life would not be as sweet. During my financial accounting class, a voice was whispering about an unbreakable bond and an unrivaled friendship. It has been going on all semester, and I predict it will continue for the remainder of campus life. I’m referring to my close friend and adversary Janice, who I adore but who also

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George Orwell’s major argument in “Politics and the English Language”

The normalization of bad writing leads to the degeneration of any language and subsequently results in political oppression. The distortion of any language reflects that society is in a bad state due to the corruption of the civilization. In other words, language acts as the mirror of society that reflects the state of the world people lives in. George Orwell starts “Politics and English Language” with the refuting argument that

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Alan Joyce’s Notion of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction Culture is a unique way of practice of living by each specific group in the society that brings language, communication, beliefs, customs, and traditions to bring out a positive impact on the society. On the other hand, a workplace is a place where people from diverse and rich cultures, ethnicities, racial backgrounds, and nations come across the world to achieve the same goal for the organization. Therefore, in the

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Workplace Discrimination and How Businesses Are Dealing with the Problem

Abstract Workplace discrimination is a recurrent issue in the business world between employers, employees, and even clients. Workplace discrimination refers to the unjust treatment of other persons due to age, race, religious standing, gender, physical wellness, and marital status. For instance, if an employer is religiously inclined to a specific course, the prospective employees are likely to be considered depending on their religious affiliations rather than merit. Therefore, the discriminations

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