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George Orwell’s major argument in “Politics and the English Language”

The normalization of bad writing leads to the degeneration of any language and subsequently results in political oppression. The distortion of any language reflects that society is in a bad state due to the corruption of the civilization. In other words, language acts as the mirror of society that reflects the state of the world people lives in. George Orwell starts “Politics and English Language” with the refuting argument that

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Alan Joyce’s Notion of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction Culture is a unique way of practice of living by each specific group in the society that brings language, communication, beliefs, customs, and traditions to bring out a positive impact on the society. On the other hand, a workplace is a place where people from diverse and rich cultures, ethnicities, racial backgrounds, and nations come across the world to achieve the same goal for the organization. Therefore, in the

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Workplace Discrimination and How Businesses Are Dealing with the Problem

Abstract Workplace discrimination is a recurrent issue in the business world between employers, employees, and even clients. Workplace discrimination refers to the unjust treatment of other persons due to age, race, religious standing, gender, physical wellness, and marital status. For instance, if an employer is religiously inclined to a specific course, the prospective employees are likely to be considered depending on their religious affiliations rather than merit. Therefore, the discriminations

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Salma Hayek the Social Activist

Part-I Salma Hayek is a Mexican-American Academy Award-nominated actress, born into a wealthy Roman Catholic family, to Spanish-Lebanese parents on September 2, 1966, in Mexico. Hayek’s mother Diana Jimenez Medina was an excellent opera singer and her father Sami Hayek Dominguez was a well-to-do businessman residing in Mexico (Salma Hayek Pinault on Charity and Activism). The time when she decided to pursue acting seriously was when she was diagnosed with

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Why Plagiarism is a Serious Offense in Academics?

The word Plagiarism is derived from Latin word Plagiarus which refers to the word “kidnapper.” The act of plagiarizing in the academic field is defined as “the act of taking the writings of another person and passing them off as one’s own” (Encyclopedia Britannica). It is considered a serious ethical offense in the academic field because the use of others’ intellectual property without recognition and acceptance of deriving the original

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The dark side of American racial discrimination

Cases of lynching and racial segregation have received mixed reactions from different parties that have led to the formation of movements and laws to protect human rights. However, some individuals have criticized these movements as a counter-response. Despite these counter-movements, it is evident that lynching and racial discrimination are a threat to humanity due to the effects they bear. Therefore, there needs to be a precise depiction of the effects

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The Dynamics of Kabbalah Studies: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries Today

Kabbalism is the study of an ancient form of Jewish mysticism, practiced for hundreds of years by rabbis from around the world. Kabbalah is concerned with understanding the true nature of God. The study and practice of Kabbalah is something that can take a lifetime in order for true understanding to be achieved. However, studying Kabbalah is a lifetime well spent. If it’s something that you are interested in as

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The Parental Perception of Children’s Success at an International School

Introduction and Background Information of the Study This assignment examines the parental perception of children’s success at an international school in Dubai when the parents are involved in their children’s educational journey. This qualitative assignment depends on individual narratives. It will explore its significance in local and international contexts and the relationship between the identified themes. The literature review will look at the prospect of several scholars and their observations

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Applying Ethical Principles

The paper “Emergency Department Repeat Admissions – A Question of Resource Use”, is analyzed to determine the ethical dilemma. This study showcased the overuse of resources by the residents of Central Texas in the County General Hospital (CGH). The emergency resources worth the amount of 2.7 million dollars were used inefficiently. This problem is caused by repeatedly visiting the Emergency Department rather than visiting the designated medical departments. This problem

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Literary Discovery Made Easy: Exploring ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’

Experiencing the vast expanse of literature can be both exhilarating and demanding. Finding the perfect book that aligns with your interests and captivates your imagination is sometimes daunting. However, fear not, for in the age of information, there are tools at your disposal to make this journey more manageable. One such tool is, a website dedicated to providing concise book summaries that offer a quick and informative overview of

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Bruno Latour’s book After Lockdown: Metamorphosis

Introduction Following the distressing experience of the epidemic and lockdown, both nations and people have been looking for methods to get out of the crisis, with many wishing to return to the world as it was before to the virus. There is, however, another method for life forms to absorb the lessons of damage (Clover, 2021). Because the global health crisis is entwined with a larger and more devastating disaster

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Food Security: Food Crisis across the Globe

Food security refers to the ability of a country to have a constant supply of food at affordable rates that meet the nutritional requirements for sustainability. So, it is safe to say that food security plays a pivotal role in ensuring a balance in an economic ecosystem. As a result, different countries have come up with legislation, committees, and organizations whose main aim is to enhance production and offer insight

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Food Crisis Across the Globe

Food insecurity is the major catastrophe world is been through in the few years with more than 200 million people experiencing detrimental impacts in the form of starvation and malnourishment. The significant factors according to UNEP, WFP, UN, FAO, etc. the major bodies working for the food sector regularity that are involved in this havoc are notably the diversion of foodgrains in order to obtain biofuel, dietary shifts due to

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The Case Study of Mr. C

Introduction Theprovided case describes a single 32-year old man who is suffering from Obesity. Although the patient reveals that he has been overweight since childhood, Mr. C discloses how he has gained around 100 pounds in the last 2-3 years. His work at a phone catalogue might be the cause of his obese condition. The patient has sleep apnea, and high blood pressure, which he manages by reducing sodium consumption.

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Vampires in Pop Culture- Alluring Yet Hideous

Question no. 01: Why are vampires romanticized in common culture? The reason why vampires are romanticized in popular culture storytelling as bloodsucking creatures is their power of seduction like women. They appear ‘beautiful,’ seducing, alluring, yet their beauty is alarming for those who remain vigilant always. One of the traits of human beings is that they get attracted to the thing that is conventionally beautiful or have the terrible tendency

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Zombies-Living Dead in Modern American Society Question/Answers

Question no. 01: Why does the folkloric concept of zombies appeal to modern-day society? The significant reason why the folkloric concept of zombies is popular in modern American culture is its unique derivation from North American construction and Western African culture of Haitian vodon’s “witchcraft” tradition. Voodoo is a religious practice throughout Africa and some parts of America that believe in witchcraft (Del Guercio, 1988). Zombies are often portrayed in

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Zombies-Living Dead in Modern American Society (Discussion)

The popular modern world culture, American culture in particular is full of mysteries. These mysteries due to technology have largely fascinated modern-day man. Men in developed countries are so fond of progress and technology in the contemporary world. Their enthusiasm for everything related to technological progress deprives them of human consciousness, qualities, and abilities. In the same way, zombies parallel fear of technological progress in the modern culture which brings

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The Murder Shrouded in Mystery: Tupac Shakur Essay 2

Solving murder mysteries is a complex and time taking process with many things to take into account. Gathering information and deducing multiple possibilities, following up on leads is an arduous task. I learned that there are many obstacles to solving murder mysteries. Lack of evidence, gathering witnesses and questioning them, and the involvement of corrupt police officers are examples of such obstacles. I discovered that the Tupac murder case is

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The Murder Shrouded in Mystery: Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was an American best-selling hip-hop artist and actor affiliated with the Mob Piru Bloods, a street gang from the west coast. The 90s was a period during which gangster rap and affiliation with gangs went hand in hand and Shakur was no different. The Bloods would often battle against the Southside Compton Crips, a rival gang belonging to the east coast, of which, Biggie Smalls, Shakur’s rival was

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Putting an Age Restriction on Children Getting a Phone

Specific purpose: To persuade my audience to consider age restrictions when getting a phone for children. Central idea: In persuading my audience to consider age restrictions when getting a phone for children, I’ll discuss the dangers children face in accessing phones, how this access limits their development and why the restrictions are necessary. Introduction Attention: Are your children growing rapidly and giving you anxiety in determining the best ways to

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